An American Idol Party Menu with Simon Sour Chicken!


One of the most popular TV shows that is on these days is American Idol, where contestants compete to be the best musician or singer and a chance at a record deal. Interesting trivia fact, American Idol was actually created in response to European Idol, they were first. This can be and extremely easy or an extremely hard theme to run with depending on your access to equipment, and your guests singing skill. Simply holding a singing event is the best way to celebrate American Idol, but you may want to invest in headphones just in case. As for decorations, any music notes, karaoke machines, posters and assorted merchandise, as well as most anything singing related would make for good decorations.

American Idol menus can be fun and glamorous for the guests. Make up tasty hors d’ouevres so the guests can feel like they’ve finally made it just as their favorite American Idols have. Yummy Pinwheels rolled up tightly with thin sliced ham and Swiss make a good treat for those who want to ham it up a bit. Those who would ‘croak’ on stage just might get a kick out of fried frog’s legs! If you want to bring out the critic in someone just give them a boneless Simon ‘Sour Chicken’ Cowl nugget. These are very tasty is a little sour like Simon on American Idol.

To make Simon ‘Sour Chicken’ Cowl nuggets you’ll need; a bag of breaded boneless chicken, Sweet and Sour sauce, lemon juice and a basting brush. Spread the chicken out on a pan and pop it in the oven at the recommended temperature on the bag. Mix half a cup of sweet and sour sauce with two to three tablespoons of lemon juice to give your chicken that extra sour boost. After ten minutes baste your chicken pieces on one side with the sauce. Wait another five minutes and flip. Baste the opposite side and let finish cooking. Serve up with the rest of the sweet and sour mix as a dipping sauce.

When you are finished up, if you’ve remembered to purchase disposable plates and utensils your after party clean up should go by flash. Then you’ll have some extra time to watch a few episodes of American Idol recorded on DVD.

Source by Gail Leino