How Does a Lunchtime Boob Job Work and is it Job Safe to Increase My Breast Size in One Hour?


Want to know how a lunchtime boob job works and is it safe? Well you are not alone many women are curious about the lunchtime boob job. It is a cosmetic procedure that is taking the world by storm.

The cosmetic procedure which first really took hold in California but is now a worldwide phenomenon has piqued the interest of women around the globe. It offers the chance of making breast augmentation available to so many more women than ever before.

So How Does A Lunchtime Boob Job Work?

Well the procedure is a lot less invasive than the traditional breast implant operations and involves a lot less bloodshed. With the lunchtime boob job implants aren’t involved at all.

The process actually takes the form of injections. The plastic surgeon uses a non-animal Hyaluronic stabilized Acid (NASHAA) in gel form. This acid is naturally made by the body and is injected in to the breast to change the size and shape of it.

The whole process is much more subtle than a traditional breast op and the results look much more natural. This appeals to many women who have been put off by breast implants as they look so artificial and completely change the shape of the breast and thus a women’s overall body shape.

The lunch break boob job works by use of injection changes the size and shape of the breast in a much less obvious way but still offering a fuller look. If you want a more natural shape but larger the this procedure job covers all bases.

Is The Lunchtime Boob Job Safe?

When you have any form of cosmetic surgery you have to be careful but it less a lot less invasive than a normal breast op. It takes less than hour to perform. The surgeons who perform it say you can celebrate having your breast augmentation in the same evening.

This may be true but not necessarily advisable you should take it easy after all it is still a cosmetic procedure. The recovery time is less than 24 hours and you should be able to go back to work in 2 days.

Overall Conclusions Of This Cosmetic Procedure

The lunch break boob job is taking the world by storm and will soon be a regular procedure just like Botox and the 20 minute face lift. It promises to change cosmetic surgery and make it more accessible to a lot of women.

The price is a lot less than that of a normal breast implant operation plus with a 48 hour recovery time means it will take a lot less time out of your hectic lifestyle to get done.

This is still a cosmetic procedure so your surgeon will still ask for a consultation before performing the lunchtime boob job to know your motivation for getting the procedure. Once that has been established then you can have a lunchtime boob job and increase your breast size but in a more natural a less painful way than a regular breast implants.

Source by Holly Franklin