Making Dinner Perfect – Choosing the Right Cookware For the Job

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If making good food is among your top priorities when choosing kitchen appliances, cookware is something you want to give a lot of consideration to. As any chef will tell you, as you get better at cooking, cookware becomes of increasing importance in getting the most out of the dishes you prepare; whether you’re preparing food for yourself, for ravenous children, or for particularly discerning guests, the pots and pans that you use can mean the difference between culinary triumph and failure. In this article, I hope to give a quick outline of the different types of cookware, and the environments (ie cookers!) that they’re best suited to.

There are two main considerations when choosing pots and pans, and they relate closely to the type of oven that you have. The first is how well they conduct heat, naturally of prime importance when you’re trying to cook something. The second is their durability, the importance of which is dependent on your situation – if you’re preparing six meals a day, you can’t really ignore durability, but it’s much less important to someone who only cooks a meal or two at weekends.

Aluminum is the most commonly used material for gourmet cookware, as it is a good conductor of heat. Aluminum scratches and dents very easily however, so it’s not particularly practical if you’re cooking for a big family, and scratches to the base will reduce its conductivity over time if used with a halogen oven. Aluminum pans with protective coatings are becoming increasingly popular.

Stainless steel is at the other end of the spectrum, in that it is very robust and damage resistant, but is a very poor conductor of heat. To sidestep this problem, many stainless steel pans have bases made of a more conductive material such as copper, which makes them much more functional. Stainless steel cookware is the most popular for domestic cooking, given its low cost and high reliability.

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Source by David Ferdinand