Romantic Words

Romantic Words
Romantic Words

Romantic Words

Do you need some help to come up with romantic words or phrases for a love letter or romantic poem? Keep on reading, you’ve just found what you’ve been looking for!

Whether you’re looking for romantic ideas and tips or just simply want to have a peek at the world of romance and poetry, this webpage can provide you with a lot of help! Scroll down so that you can browse between almost a thousand romantic words that can help you express yourself towards your partner.

The most common romantic keywords are in bold, followed by a few uncommon synonyms to provide you with much more variety and passion…

So here are almost a thousand romantic words! By the way if you enjoy this page, you may also be interested in these romantic sayings.

Romantic Words


Angelic: adorable, archangelic, celestial, devout, divine, godly, holy, otherworldly, rapturous, virtuous, beauteous, bewitching, dazzling, splendid

Adoring: be crazy about, be smitten with, be stuck on, be wild about, cherish, fall for, glorify, esteem, eulogize, wonder at

Attractive: alluring, beautiful, beckoning, charming, engaging, gorgeous, inviting, seductive, stunning, provocative, teasing, tempting

Affectionate: all over, attached, crazy over, devoted, dear, lovey-dovey, sympathetic, tender, warm, warmhearted

Admirable: attractive, cool, deserving, exquisite, excellent, super, praiseworthy, wonderful, out of sight, alluring, angelic, delicate, delightful, divine, marvelous

Amorous: aphrodisiac, enamored, impassioned, lovesick, lustful, passionate, romantic, sexy, desirous, affectionate, rapturous, sentimental, wooing

Amazing: astonishing, awesome, fascinating, incredible, stunning, surprising, unbelievable, wonderful

Ablaze: afire, aflame, aroused, enthusiastic, fervent, heated, impassioned, raging, stimulated, flaring, ignited


Beautiful: admirable, alluring, angelic, charming, classy, divine, exquisite, magnificent, radiant, superb, wonderful, adorable, luring, mesmeric, seductive, tantalizing, winsome, pretty

Blissful: beatific, delighted, dreamy, heavenly, joyful, floating, flying, in seventh heaven, in ecstasy, happy, content, lucky, joyous

Bright: shining, ablaze, aglow, illuminated, glaring, gleaming, shimmering, silvery, sunny, vivid, sparkling, cloudless, favorable, lucid, hopeful, promising

Breathtaking: beautiful, awesome, impressive, magnificent, extraordinary, stupefying, miraculous, spectacular, amazing, mind blowing, shocking, startling, wondrous


Charming: captivating, alluring, appealing, bewitching, cute, delicate, irresistible, glamorous, lovable, pleasing, seducing, sweet

Cute: adorable, beautiful, charming, pretty, delightful, pleasant

Charismatic: appealing, hypnotic, magnetic, mesmerizing, alluring

Compassionate: benevolent, human, kind, softhearted, war, understanding, tender, tenderhearted, merciful, responsive

Cherished: adore, appreciate, apprize, worship, venerate, value, hug, love, idolize, hold in high esteem, enshrine

Compelling: irresistible, coercive, fascinating, imperative, enforce, urge

Romantic Words


Darling: sweetheart, angel, baby, beloved, dear, lover, precious, sweetie

Dreamy: fantastic, idealistic, phantasmagoric, musing, imaginary, marvelous

Desirable: attractive, adorable, fascinating, sexy, grateful, worthwhile, expedient

Delightful: cheery, captivating, beautiful, darling, engaging, enjoyable

Devoted: adherent, affectionate, dedicated, faithful, loving, committed

Dramatic: breathtaking, emotional, expressive, tragic, vivid, thrilling, impressive, melodramatic

Delicious: adorable, delightful, cute, pleasant, charming, dreamy, fetching, tempting, mellow

Divine: almighty, excellent, godly, omnipotent, splendid, unearthly, wonderful, superhuman, spiritual, holy

Desire: appeal, hope, wish, want, craving, devotion, frenzy, lust, love, urge, liking


Elegant: classic, cultivated, delicate, graceful, majestic

Enthusiastic: excited, passionate, wholehearted, vigorous, fascinated, warm, devoted

Expressive: alive, demonstrative, dramatic, sympathetic, spirited, significant, tender

Enjoyable: amusing, delightful, pleasant, likeable, agreeable

Euphoric: blissful, happy, crazy, heavenly, in the twilight zone


Fine: excellent, admirable, magnificent, lovely, superior, splendid

Faithful: affectionate, genuine, straight, trustworthy, unwavering, upright, devoted, firm

Flaming: ablaze, afire, aflame, brilliant, flaring, impassioned, vivid

Fortunate: bright, charmed, felicitous, flourishing, happy, prosperous, sunny side, lucky, rosy

Flowery: fancy, aureate, embellished, florid,

Forgiving: let bygones be bygones, let pass, accept, acquit


Gorgeous: attractive, bright, dream, enjoyable, sublime, stunning, superb

Glamorous: captivating, charismatic, elegant, enchanting, prestigious, seductive, magnetic, looking like a million, glossy, glittering

Gentle: agreeable, compassionate, humane, kindly, pleasant, sweet tempered, temperate, warmhearted, light, sensitive

Gracious: accommodating, affable, friendly, courteous, chivalrous, compassionate, well-mannered, merciful, loving, mild, suave, courtly

Graceful: aesthetic, beautiful, exquisite, fair, pleasing, pretty, refined, lovely, charming


Happy: blessed, cheerful, blissful, content, overjoyed, peaceful, sunny, thrilled, upbeat, exultant, intoxicated

Heartfelt: bona fide, cordial, hearty, warm, honest, sincere, true, heart-to-heart

Handsome: admirable, athletic, august, beautiful, elegant, fair, well-dressed, stylish, impressive, graceful

Honest: authentic, genuine, open, plain, overt, trustworthy

Heavenly: alluring, ambrosial, angelic, divine, luscious, seraphic, supernatural, wonderful

Romantic Words


Interesting: affecting, captivating, charismatic, delightful, stirring, unusual, unique, entrancing, striking

Impressive: deep, cool, exciting, profound, rousing, sumptuous, trilling, impassioned, monumental

Idyllic: Arcadian, perfect, heavenly, ideal, idealized, picturesque, peaceful, romantic


Joyful: happy, blithesome, cheerful, cheery, delighted, merry, rapturous, glad


Kiss: butterfly, caress, embrace, smooch

Romantic Words


Love: adoration, affection, passion, piety, like, lust, attachment, cherishing, infatuation, emotion, devotion

Lovely: beautiful, charming, gorgeous, graceful, stunning, sweet, delicate, delicious, attractive

Lust: hunger, desire, excitement, sensuality, greed, longing

Luxurious: bliss, comfort, delight, extravagance, richness, enjoyment


Memory: awareness, mind, recognition, fantasy, image, memoir

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.” – Helen Keller

Motivating: arouse, excite, fire, provoke, suggest, trigger, lead

Madly: wildly, fiercely, quickly, passionately, rapidly, violently, speedily

Mysterious: astrological, curious, magical, transcendental, spiritual, incomprehensible, unfathomable

Romantic Words


Nice: approved, attractive, favorable, friendly, pleasant, winning, lovely, inviting, kind, charming, courteous, gentle, kind

Naughty: annoying, disobedient, evil, sinful, rough, tough, worthless, willful, unmanageable


Orgasm: frenzy, peak, culmination, highlight, summit, pinnacle, pitch

Overjoy: amuse, attract, divert, gladden, glory


Passionate: amorous, sexy, desirous, erotic, hot, romantic, steamy, lustful, ardent, keen

Powerful: almighty, capable, forceful, dynamic, impressive, paramount, vigorous, potent


Remarkable: exceptional, irresistible, tempting, alluring, uncommon, unique, unordinary, surprising

Remembered: commemorated, evoked, memorized, recalled, memorialized, retained,

Romantic: sentimental, idealistic, adventurous, amorous, charming, chivalrous, mysterious, poetic, visionary, tear jerking, starry eyed, passionate, loving, fantastic, wild, enchanting

Relaxing: calm, cool off, ease off, repose, settle back, tranquilize, unbend

Romantic Words


Sweet: sugary, delicious, luscious, like candy

Sexy: arousing, cuddly, sensual, suggestive, sensuous, mature, kissable, flirtatious, seductive, provoking, risqué, spicy


Tempting: attractive, charming, divine, enticing, heavenly, magnetic, yummy, seductive, tantalizing

Thrilling: blood-tingling, breathtaking, enchanting, exquisite, fabulous, magnificent, miraculous, rousing, sensational, wild, trembling

Tender: delicate, feeble, weak, breakable, childish, sensitive, youthful

Truly: frankly, honestly, truthfully, veraciously, openly, overtly

Treasure: adore, appreciate, cherish, idolize, love, worship


Unusual: abnormal, amazing, atypical, awesome, distinguished, exceptional, extraordinary, incredible, far-out, memorable, noteworthy, phenomenal, queer, remarkable, significant, unparalleled

Unique: exclusive, individual, lone, one, sui generis, uncommon, best, exceptional, rare, special, outstanding, unmatched, utmost

Understanding: compassionate, considerate, empathetic, forgiving, generous, kind, sympathetic


Vital: cardinal, crucial, indispensable, life or death, prerequisite, significant, urgent, animated, dynamic, energetic, vibrant, vigorous, vivacious

Romantic Words


Warm: balmy, heated, hot, lukewarm, summery, temperate, warmish, affectionate, compassionate, heartfelt, warmhearted

Wild: barbarian, escaped, ferocious, fierce, overgrown, overrun, rude, savage, vicious, berserk, chaotic, crazy, foolish, irrational, mad, rough, violent, storming

Whisper: hum, hushed tone, secret message, sigh, susurration


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