Vinegar-Free Mayonnaise Recipe and Similar Vinegar-Free Mustard Recipe


This recipe does not require many ingredients, yet the process is a little time consuming with not only making it but also letting it sit, and it also does not last very long.

You will need 1 egg, 1/4 teaspoon salt, 1 cup oil (grape seed is highly recommended), 2 tablespoons lemon juice, 1 teaspoon mustard powder, and you will also need a blender or a hand mixer and bowl (I used a hand mixer). Also, if you have an oil drizzler or even a dropper may work, you might want to use it for this recipe.

I do not recommend using olive oil, for the taste is too strong and this recipe takes on primarily the taste of the oil. You could try coconut oil if you like the taste of it. Other oils that might be good are sweet almond, or walnut, or even maybe sunflower, or canola, and if desired a light olive oil would still work.

You can also try using just the egg yolk, I did not, but I might if I ever try again.

You will need to blend the egg, mustard powder, lemon juice, and salt for two minutes. Then one drop at a time, add the oil while continuing blending. This took me probably 15 minutes to get all of the oil combined. Then, all that is left is to refrigerate it to let it thicken overnight.

I only let it thicken a few hours, and since it was not thickened yet, I tried adding a little bit of arrowroot powder (you could also try flour if you wish). I used some of this mayonnaise with a can of tuna and it tasted alright; however, I placed the rest back in the fridge and never used it again. It did become thick though, I just don’t know how long it took because I did not check on it very often – it was maybe a week after I had remembered to check on it because I wanted some vinegar-free mustard, and the recipe I found was the same besides it had 5/2 tablespoons mustard powder; I thought I would try converting it by just adding more mustard powder, but I did not want to use it any longer.

Thusly, my experience with this recipe was not very desirable, but if I were ever to try redoing it with my suggestions, I could see it possibly turning out better. All in all, I think I will stick to store bought mayonnaise once I am done with this candida diet.

Give it a go and see how yours turns out.

Source by Sasha Scheer