10 Reasons Why People Go On Holiday



Is it time for you take a holiday? You probably don’t need convincing, but if you do, here are 10 great reasons why people go on holiday.

1. To Relax – Sometimes there’s nothing better than sitting by a pool or on a beach and getting into a good book. Those that do feel instantly relaxed.

2. To take a break – Occasionally, it’s not that we want a holiday, it’s that we need one. If life’s too hectic at home, people often use a holiday to escape.

3. To experience a new culture – From museums and galleries to rich history and amazing people, new countries offer new cultural experiences and (unless they’re Karl Pilkington) tourists thoroughly enjoy it.

4. For adventure – Travelling is good for the soul and there’s no better adventure than one in another country.

5. To do your Christmas shopping – Many people head overseas in October and November to get bargains aboard ahead of the festive season.

6. To top-up your tan – Sun worshipers are everywhere and, while it’s essential you’re covered in sun protection, there’s nothing nicer than returning from holiday with a good tan.

7. To use up annual leave – It’s hard to believe, but some people go on holiday reluctantly. If they have lots of days to use up and don’t want to use them on their sofa, a break abroad is just the ticket.

8. To watch a sporting event – From football to athletics, the world (and Europe in particular) has a host of sporting events that people flock to see.

9. To visit loved ones – People’s friends and family are often now based all around the world, which means seeing them requires a flight overseas.

10. For the nightlife – There are many European holiday and tourist destinations that offer up a wild and eclectic offering of an evening, which draws many a crowd.

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Source by Robert Berry-Smith