12 Recipes With Easy and Fast Green Tea

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12 Recipes to prepare with green tea

Green tea, without a doubt, is one of the infusions that has gained its prominence in its own right. In fact, its use far exceeds that of drinking it in a cup. Do you want to try it in another kind of recipe? Here you have neither more nor less than 12 appetizing options.

Do not have the slightest doubt that tea is much more than a drink. Or at least much more than an infusion that you can drink alone or that can not be adapted to other types of things without any problems. For that reason, in this article you will find neither more nor less than 12 recipes that you can apply with this noble plant, so as not to have to always resort to the same options. You dare?

The best recipes with green tea

Here you have neither more nor less than 12 recipes to enjoy with tea:

Salmon with tea: Do you dare to prepare a delicious salmon with a delicate tea sauce? It is much simpler than you imagine and the final result will surprise you.

Rice with tea: Are you tired of always eating rice in the same way? Well then you can try this recipe. You only have to change the cooking water for a little tea and you’ll have a different garnish.

Green tea cookies: This is a good recipe for those who are constantly looking for alternatives for coffee or an infusion. They are simple to prepare and will be with said unmistakable flavor.

Apple compote and tea: Did you want to prepare a rich and light dessert with green tea? Well you can try with this apple compote. This infusion will work wonders with this fruit.

Green tea and passion fruit jelly: The combination of tea and passion fruit is almost natural. Therefore, mixing both components in an easy and light dessert like a jelly, is something completely simple and possible. You just have to try the recipe to see it.

Tea granita: A drink (or dessert?) Perfect for summer and also for the rest of the year, for those who are encouraged. Matcha tea powder, water, mint and some sweetener of your liking. That’s all you need to have this preparation healthy and tasty.

Green Tea Frapuccino: Well then try your own version, which you can even prepare completely light if you follow this simple recipe.

Green Tea and Pineapple Cocktail: Another appetizing drink, fresh at any time of the year, where you want to combine tea with pineapple. You will see that these two ingredients are marvelously taken, that you can even serve at the table or drink as water of time.

Cheesecake and tea: Do you want to prepare something more sophisticated with your green tea? Try then with a good American-style cheesecake. You will be great and very original when it comes to serving a different dessert.

Tea mousse: This case also serves to prepare a completely different dessert than you usually serve. With tea you can prepare a delicious mousse, perfect to close any banquet.

Green Tea Sauce: Do you want a sauce for salty meals with a touch of oriental inspiration? Try then with this tea sauce, which is combined with soy and other ingredients that will give a truly unique touch.

Green tea prawns: Do you dare to prepare a seafood dish with a little tea as a sauce? Well, do not hesitate, as these prawns with tea are fabulous and are easy to make. It’s a matter of gathering the ingredients and cooking.

Be sure to try these delicious Chun Mei Green Tea recipes and make the most of the benefits of this drink.


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