17 Tips For Holistic Good Health – Or How I Found Mine After Years of Illness

The Clearest Sign of Mental Health


As a busy homeopath and mother, my time is valuable. After detours, mistakes and years of searching for the healthiest ways of living, I’ve boiled down my research and time tested tips to a simple seventeen. Here are my top all-time favorites:

1. Stay calm. The world is not as scary a place as the media and other self serving concerns might lead us to believe. When I’m anxious or worried I repeat “Be still and know that I am God”. This gives me inner peace to know that God is protecting all of us. No matter who you believe God to be, pray or study daily. If you’re Catholic, say your rosary. If you’re protestant, read your bible. If you’re Jewish study your teachings. Don’t miss out on the importance of faith.

2. Don’t watch TV, or spend unproductive time on the Internet. After working in the field of media, I learned that it is not in our best interest to be subjected to most forms of media as a steady diet. Protect your children from it as well.

3. Eat like your great grandparents did. Eat whole, real and “untampered-with” foods. Make your meals yourself. It takes longer, but the rewards are worth the effort. There is something therapeutic about chopping fresh vegetables and creating soup from homemade stock. And you’ll earn a reputation as a good cook!

4. Learn enough homeopathy to be able to treat yourself and family for life’s little unknowns. The more you know, the more you’ll want to know. Homeopathy is timeless and enduring. At the very least, find yourself a credentialed, experienced homeopath and use his/her services liberally.

5. Stay away from conventional medications as much as possible. Most meds are dangerous and at best superfluous. Every drug has a healthy counterpart either homeopathically, as a kitchen cure or an herb. (My CD “Homeopathy First Aid; Perform in the Storm” is available my homeopathy website.) Learn the safe alternatives and use them with confidence. Save the use of modern drugs for life threatening situations only.

6. Get fresh air and direct sunshine at least 30 minutes daily. Throw out the sun screen. Have you read the ingredients? It inhibits vitamin D and is loaded with chemicals not meant to be slathered on skin. Instead, if needed, protect your skin the old fashioned way: a hat, cover-up and common sense when in the sun.

7. Get daily exercise. I realize how trite this statement sounds, but after years of resisting exercise myself because of time constraints, I’ve come to learn that I’m more productive and happier when I work out. Even a short walk is good enough.

8. If possible, keep a garden and animals. A flower or vegetable garden can be a sight for emotionally sore eyes. They keep us closer to what is important in life; simple pleasures.

9. Protect your family and the integrity of the family in our society. That means your marriage and the marriages of those around you. A unified family is the basis of a healthy, prosperous and creative society.

10. Keep your exposure to electromagnetic fields to a minimum. Use a cell phone directly at the ear only when absolutely necessary.

11. Expose yourself and family to the intelligent, creative and lofty of our society by listening to classical music, reading fine literature, viewing fine art, we are inspired to greatness ourselves. Then emulate and study those who have had successful and creative lives: Mother Teresa, Benjamin Franklin, Gandhi, Churchill, Beethoven.

12. Drink fresh, raw milk. If it’s available in your part of the world, take advantage of it. If not, find a farmer who will sell this to you on a regular basis. Most people who believe they are lactose intolerant are actually intolerant of pasteurized, homogenized, ultra-pasteurized milk. These products are a paltry resemblance of real milk. The changes you’ll see in imbibing this elixir may amaze you.

13. Eat raw dairy products from animals that are pasture fed and preferably organic. Raw sheep’s milk cheese from Italy, raw goat and cow’s milk from France, Denmark, Ireland and sometimes the US.

14. Eat organic. At least as much as possible, buy or grow your own vegetables and eat meat from pasture fed animals. In other words, support local, organic, family farms.

15. Include some fermented food or drink with every meal. Old fashioned sauerkraut, pickles, yogurt, kefir, kombucha, fermented carrots, etc. They provide live enzymes that allow us to break down the cooked foods we eat. They are excellent for intestinal disorders and are utilized by the healthiest people on the earth.

16. Try to eat as close to 80% raw foods daily. This is not as difficult as one would imagine when drinking raw milk, eating fermented and fresh vegetables, and incorporating raw yogurt, cheeses and butter.

17. Do good work. Prepare your food and nurse your family with love. Whatever it is you choose to do, do it with aplomb, commitment and joy.


Source by Joette Calabrese