4 Easy Keys To A Healthy Life

Tips to Build Muscles and Good Health


In this day and age, we are surrounded with temptations for all things that are bad for us. There are fast food places on almost every corner. Since they all compete with each other, there are many places right next to each other. Plus the deals they have not only make it easy to get but, you get a lot of junk for a cheap price. I know a lot of people, after eating that junk say “I really need to stop buying this crap.” I think we all have said something similar to that in the past. I am faced with the situation all week at work. I am an EMT on the road all day, and it is very hard to find something that’s good for you and is quick to get. This article is about some things you need to be able to keep our bodies up to par health wise.

I think there are many elements to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Here we will address four key elements to succeed in getting ourselves in top health and staying there. I’m going to list them and break them down. Please remember that this is my opinion on the subjects. They are as follows:

1. Mindset: You have to really want to change what you are doing in your life. Yes, we all have said before “I need to get in 0r back in shape” but, the thing is, we never act on what we say due to the fact that at the time it is only a thought. It usually goes on the list of “things I need to do but never get around to do.” The question I have is, why don’t we ever get to it? The answer is simple; it is not a priority until it’s too late. This is due to the lack of having your mindset. If you really want to do it and you set your mind to it is possible. This doesn’t happen overnight though. We must tune ourselves to want it and have the fortitude to do it. This is where key # 2 comes into play.

2. Dedication: Once you have your mindset locked in and you are ready to go, to actually start what you have said in the past but never got around to do, you are going to need dedication to keep moving forward. This is where a lot of people fail. They don’t have the dedication and drive to continue with their plans because they want instant results. We must remember this is not how it happens. It takes some time for the results to shine through. We must remember, not everyone’s results are going to be the same. For me it was just being so much more full of energy and sleeping through the night. That right there was my driving force which in turn made me dedicated to continue what I was doing. The way I see it is, most people hate their job, but they get up every day and go to work anyway. Why? The money is driving them to get up and go. All it takes is a little bit of motivation to get started. The results will push you the rest of the way.

3. Exercise: This is a key factor in anything to stay healthy, of course. Anything that gets us moving around is exercise. Let me correct that, mostly anything, not going back and forth to the fridge. Many people go to the gym, or something along those lines. Once you find something that is good for you, stick with it. You cannot get discouraged by the small things like not having the same results as your friend that does the same things you do. Over time you will notice things you were not able to do before. That will keep your passion up, keep your drive going to stick with it.

4. Vitamins: Now, when you are doing all this stuff, feeling good that you are sticking with it, continuing to follow the exercises you have been doing, you need to remember that you should take a good vitamin to keep yourself in tip top shape. With all that you are doing to keep yourself healthy, you are putting some strain on your body. It’s nothing too serious to worry about, in fact, it’s an entirely normal process. The body is repairing itself. However, to help the body repair and get back up to speed, you should think about getting a vitamin that helps on all levels. There are many products on the market these days, yet most people don’t know what to get. I can say this because I was one of them. Until I did a lot of research and found the best out there. It is a company called USANA. They have the best product on the market. They are rated as #1 in the world. I use them every day. What a difference within one week, I felt phenomenal. I won’t get into details about it here, but if you are interested, you can contact me directly about it. I love sharing my experience with others.

With these 4 key ingredients, I think you will be on your way to a healthy life and love the results. If you need anything from me, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. Just remember these steps, there is only 4 so it is not too difficult to follow. Thank you for your time. I hope you enjoyed. My name is Mike Coluccio. Have a healthy & wonderful day.


Source by Mike Coluccio