4 Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Increasing Your SEO With Negative Keywords: How?


Search Engine Optimization is about implementing some modifications on your site to ensure your site achieve high-ranking status in search engines. Before I talk about the strategies let me tell you the benefits of doing SEO on your site.

1. It helps you to get free traffic. So rather than spending so much money on paid traffic, you get traffic for free.

2. It helps you to rank high on Google. Statistics has shown that the percentage of people that click on the first result on a search engine is the highest and it decreases as you go downwards. So why won’t you take advantage of this opportunity?

3. It will help you to dominate your niche. Imagine ranking high in the search engines with hundreds of your articles. What do you think people will think about you? They naturally will think you are an authority figure. They will think of you as an expert. Your reputation will begin to build and you can then later leverage on that name to make lots of money from your site visitors (by providing them value of course)

4. It helps you to get highly targeted visitors. This is achieved by the use of specific keywords that your site visitors use when searching for information in the search engines. When you post an article that is keyword-rich, it tends to rank high in the search results, thereby getting visitors who are looking specifically for what you have to offer. This in turn will capture leads (through your opt-in form of course) and then convert sales since you’ll be getting the right visitors.

I am going to teach you several strategies to use to optimize your site in the search engines.

  1. Inter-link Your Pages
  2. What this means is that you should insert link in your articles or posts that redirect visitors to another relevant article or post. This helps visitors to read other posts on your site thereby increasing the value you bring to the table. This also gets them to spend more time on your site which increases the chance of them buying your products or services or opting into your list. It also helps build your web position and decrease your site bounce rate.

  3. Meta Description
  4. This is what search engines use to find your webpages in their searches. It beats me how many internet marketers do not use meta-description in their web pages. Without the meta-description search engines just pick words at random in your first paragraph of your post and this can hurt you.So ensure to make use of this feature.

  5. Use Relevant and Short Post Titles
  6. This is a very strong way you can use to catch the attention of web visitors. The title should be relevant to your post, eye-catching, and should contain the keywords or phrases of the post. It should also be short. Using very long title does not do you any good.

  7. Use Target-Rich Keywords
  8. This is possibly one of the most important things you are going to learn in the science of SEO. Why? This is because these are the keywords that will enable people to locate your posts when they are searching online. Your posts will rank high in the search engines and that will drive traffic to your site. If you are not using target-rich keywords, I wonder what you are doing? And let me give you a piece of advice here. Do not use too many keywords, except you want to be penalized by Google or you want to end up in Google sandbox. When you use too many keywords just for the purpose of optimization, the search engines will simply ignore your posts and all your hard work would have just been in vain.


Source by Femmy Banks