9 Healthy Lifestyle Tips

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Leading a healthy lifestyle is actually quite easy if you just take some time to think about it. This article will help a little.

1. Eat a high fiber breakfast – When you wake up in the morning, you body is drained of energy. Make sure to eat a high fiber breakfast as this will give you strength for the entire day and help with your digestion.

2. Keep a window open for circulation of fresh air – The reason why people get sick in the winter has less to do with the temperature than with the fact that most places are shut to keep out the cold. This makes the air full of bacteria and can make you sick. Fresh air is free and it’s healthy.

3. Each day do something you love – All work and no play makes John a sick boy. That’s why I strive to do something I love everyday. Make sure to make some time for yourself between work and your household chores.

4. Walk for 30 minutes 3 times each week – Walking helps circulation, aids weight loss, and keeps the muscles and joints fit. Walking also gets you out of the house and keeps you active.

5. Don’t skip any meals – Skipping meals sends your metabolism in turmoil. Make sure to eat a balanced diet and spread your calories throughout the day. It’s better to eat more small meals than 3 large ones.

6. Laugh – Each day, finds something that makes you laugh and let yourself go. Watch a sitcom, go to a Stand Up club, or just watch infants baby talk with each other. Laughter is one of the healthiest things for you, physically and mentally.

7. Read a book – Reading keeps the mind healthy and limber. Reading a book is a mental workout. It’s also one of the best ways to escape reality for a while.

8. Don’t be a workaholic – Working is a must, but don’t turn it into your entire life. Overworking is unhealthy and counterproductive.

9. Drink 10 glasses of water each day – Drinking water improves your concentration, energy levels, is good for your weight, skin, and all bodily functions.

Follow these 9 healthy lifestyle tips, and you will increase your chances for a happy and healthy life.


Source by John Davenport