Affordable Pay Per Click Search Engine Advertising



Pay per click search engine advertising is an affordable form of advertising when it is used properly. You use a pay per click advertising campaign to create qualified leads rather than make direct sales, though you can do both. By creating qualified leads you help potential buyers find the specific product they are seeking to fulfill their needs.

Pay per click advertising also helps people sort out the right websites to seek the information they require. Having the right information on your site once your visitor has clicked your ad is equally important. Information is a valuable tool on the Internet and if you are able to provide quality information for your website visitors, they are far more likely to make their purchases through you,

Finding qualified traffic using a pay per click advertising campaign

By spending the time to write good ads for your campaign, you are bringing qualified leads to your website. A well written ad helps eliminate costly and unnecessary clicks from non prospective buyers. The aim of your pay per click campaign is to be clear and interesting enough in your ads to only attract high quality prospects. Good headlines and ad copy is the best way to get a quick and high return on your initial outlay.

You start your campaign by choosing relevant keywords and there are many tools to help you. Google’s own Ads campaign has many tools to help. You are looking for ключови думи with a good number of searches each month, yet do not have a high cost or competition. How much you choose to spend on your campaign will vary according to your budget and your return on investment (number of sales made against the number of clicks). Bidding on keywords can cost between $100 to $100,000 depending on your budget and resources. The keywords you choose and their popularity in searches will have a huge impact on your costs. Prices can change dramatically in just days if particular keywords become popular. Just think of celebrities to understand how the popularity of one keyword or phrase can soar overnight.

If you choose obscure keywords or phrases, you may not get many leads, but they will be highly targeted, however, if you choose general terms, you will find a huge amount of competition and you may be forced to pay much higher bid prices to be listed.

    1. The elements of pay per click campaigns

There are three elements to a pay per click advertising campaign; monitoring, analysis and refinement. If you can track and manage your pay per click campaign successfully, you can bring in significant returns to your website.

A good pay per click company will allow you to monitor each and every ad you place. You should place several ads per keyword, each one only a little different to the other, by a word or two so you can easily see why one performs better than another. This way, you are easily able to remove any poorly performing ads and only retain those that are working for you. Keep creating new ads based on the best performance and track the results.

Watch an ad for a week or so to see performance over time. Note if there is a considerable rise or drop in activity on a particular day or time and target your individual ads to those periods.

You are only charged when someone clicks on your ads and that cost is deducted from the funds you place into the search engine company’s account. To minimize unnecessary costs, you must monitor your ads for performance.

  • How to use a pay per click advertising campaign

    You can be ahead of the pack if you take the time to understand how to best benefit from pay per click campaigns.


There is a lot more than just bidding the most on the keywords you want. Information is what really drives your success, after the click has been made.

Providing your users with relevant interesting information will help create a relationship between you and your visitors. Capturing their email address will increase your opportunity to inform your visitors about your products or services over and over again.

Only when you can fulfill the needs of your website visitor will you make a sale. By providing information you can ensure that you can act as an absent salesperson and answer the questions of your visitor. You need to answer every question about your product that you can think of, because you don’t have the opportunity to talk to your visitor directly and determine their needs and wants individually.

While subscriptions to your opt in list don’t bring about direct sales, you have to look for a longer term approach to see how well your pay per click advertising campaign is working for you.

Sign ups also generate leads of highly qualified potential customers. They are already qualified by clicking on your ad and then by signing up for your promotional material. There are a lot of ways to encourage visitors to sign up, but that is not part of this article.

Pay per click advertising campaigns are a continuous process requiring regular monitoring and an understanding of the basic processes of how a pay per click campaign works. You may find that it is beneficial to hire a company to assist. Whatever you choose, you will get a return on investment with a pay per click campaign if you do your research properly, choose keywords and phrases that are searched often but don’t have high competition, then provide good quality information for your visitors when they click on your ads.


Source by Rebecca Habel