African Rooibos – Are Healthy Drinks Important For You Kids?

Making Healthy Life Choices At The Candy Store


When is the best time to teach our children what is good for them? Make an iced red rooibos tea and they could drink it without knowing it is healthy. Tell them it’s healthy, let your children see that something doesn’t have to taste “yucky” to be good for them.

It is a big responsibility to raise a child. You have within your control the power to help your kids form all kinds of good habits. What could happ en if you serve your two year old a 6 ounce glass of sugar water. Your child will grow used to thetaste of sugar water. Serve your two year old frosted or sugar coated cereals and what will happen. Your child will crave cereals loaded with sugar. They will form the habit of eating and drinking very unhealthy foods.

Give the kids good gifts

We don’t miss what we never had. Give your children the gift of not craving sugar. Give your children the gift of not craving high fructose corn syrup. Give your children the gift of good eating habits.

What would be better for your children than that 6 ounce glass of sugar water, cola or fruit juice laced with high fructose corn syrup? Serve your family red rooibos tea, also known as African rooibos. It is easy to prepare, as simple as making any other iced tea. Your children can enjoy this drink all day long even into the evening. There is no caffeine in red rooibos tea to keep you or your kids awake when it’s time to sleep. With no sugar added, or honey rather than sugar (the choice is yours when you prepare it) the kids won’t be bouncing off the walls.

Health benefits of rooibos

You may ask what will my family be getting from African rooibos tisane? Rooibos tea benefits include healthy anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins. Add the benefit of starting good eating habits and avoiding products that are packaged to appear healthy yet can be down right dangerous to health. (Think over weight kids, think low self esteem, think childhood diabetes which turns into over weight adults, low self esteem, adult diabetes, heart disease, blindness, loss of limbs and early death to name just a few)

You can start here and add other healthy foods. Offer fruit instead of candy, fresh vegetables instead of cookies and yogurt instead of ice cream. Yes, I know this sounds like cruel and unusual punishment to we adults. We were allowed to form bad unhealthy eating habits, not because our parents didn’t care about us. Our parents were not aware of the dangers of processed foods, they were not told that high fructose corn syrup can lead to poor health. You and I do know, we have been told.

In our desire to find good healthy cold beverages for our families, let’s not forget that African rooibos teas can be served chilled and iced.


Source by Connie Bednar