Almond Saffron Fudge, a Delicious Dessert Recipe

Almond Saffron Fudge, a Delicious Dessert Recipe


When it comes to nuts you cannot forget almonds. Almonds are very good source of carbohydrates including dietary fibers, sugars and starch. It is also considered rich in monounsaturated fat, which helps to lower LDL cholesterol levels. You can eat a handful of mixed nuts every day.

You can find almond trees mostly in the Middle East and South Asian countries. An almond rests inside a fleshy covering, like a peach or plum. This fleshy part tastes really good when you allow it to ripen. Many people don’t know about this.

Almond is one of the integral ingredients of many cakes and fudge recipes. I use almonds in all of my cakes and fudge recipes. It gives rich creamy texture and taste to the recipe. You can use almonds in variety of recipes.You can mix almond powder in any gravy and it gives thick creamy finishing touch to the gravy. You can prepare almond shake or use almond flakes on vanilla ice-cream as a topping.

Almond fudge is a dessert which has a delicate sweetness and goodness of the almond. In order to make this delicious treat, cook almonds on medium heat and add other ingredients as described below.

I tried making this fudge with condensed milk and it turned out as good as traditional recipe. The saffron gives it a regal taste and blends so well with the nutty fudge. Try this for a potluck, festival or a party and your guests will love this subtle sweet dish.

Finally, who doesn’t love dessert? It is delicious and must have condiment after a nice candle light dinner. This is one of the best dessert recipes, I have come across. Here is how you prepare it.


  • Almonds–2 cups
  • Butter –2 Tablespoons
  • Condensed Milk–1/2 cup
  • Cardamom powder–1 teaspoon
  • Whipping cream–1 cup
  • Saffron–1/2 teaspoon


Soak almonds in water overnight. Peel the skin of almonds and blend them in mixer with the whipping cream to form a smooth fine paste. Heat 1 Teaspoon butter in pan over low heat. Add the almond paste and keep stirring the mixture. Add the sugar, cardamom powder and stir it for 20 minutes. Mix in the condensed milk and the remaining butter and stir it for another 5-10 minutes. Transfer the mixture to a greased plate and press gently. Cool it and sprinkle saffron on top. Cut into pieces and serve. Please make sure to leave a feedback.


Source by Deepti Bhave