Are You A Search Engine Optimisation Consultant?

6 Search Engine Optimization Strategies


In any industry, there are always companies or people who do not follow the standard or best practices-but this shouldn’t be said of a certified and reputable search engine optimisation consultant. In the SEO world, for example, there are many people who consider SEO practitioners as unfairly manipulating search engine results, that is, irrelevant websites getting higher rankings than more relevant sites.

A few rotten eggs in the basket can seriously influence the perception of people regarding search engine optimization (SEO). That is why it is important to differentiate the unethical and ethical SEO consultant by setting up a professional organization for the latter. There can be more than one professional SEO organization, made up of many SEO companies in Australia, but all of them should be guided by a common definition of the word, “professional”. What does it mean, particularly for a search engine optimisation consultant?

One can go on and describe specific criteria or characteristics for being a professional-a search engine optimisation consultant in particular-but most people would agree that a professional is assumed to be an expert in his or her field. The professional knows better what needs to be done, even if there are client specifications available. In short, a professional knows best, and not the client, that is why he or she offers the best strategy and planning services.

This is where ethics come in. You would not be a professional if you are more concerned about making big profits rather than doing a good job of being a search engine consultant. In the SEO world, you would just take your client’s money and proceed to make changes regarding SEO strategy and planning without making sure that those changes would give the best results. The requirements may be to optimize using more industry-relevant keywords, but you don’t take the time to analyze if keywords alone would improve the website or if the selected keywords would give the optimal result, then that is not professional SEO, and that is not how a reputable search engine optimisation consultant should act.

As a certified search engine optimisation consultant, sooner or later, you will come across clients who have very definite ideas on what they want for their website. They may feel that their specifications are correct, simply because they are based on SEO techniques that they have read about. However, you think that either the approach is wrong or it is not enough to improve the website’s SERPs ranking. What do you do in this situation? You can go ahead and give them a quote based on the changes they requested, or you can try to convince them that there is a better SEO strategy and planning for their company.


Source by Elijah Jordan Kim