Asking for Anti Candida Soup Recipes – Tasty Anti Yeast Minestrone

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A fellow friend of mine asked me for ideas of any homemade anti candida soup recipes. He thinks it might make a nice quick snack that can be kept for a day or so. He asked this because most store bought ones have some creams in them. He has been looking for the soup’s recipe in internet, but what he found are the soups that contain flour, cream, carrots, and other stuffs that are no-no for his anti candida diet.

If you found some soup recipes with no-no stuffs in them may just be left out, or instead, you can have the ingredients substituted with other stuffs. I have made a chicken soup with chicken breast, veggies, and water, with salt and pepper for the added taste. It is not too bad. I also make homemade soups by the pot and eat it a lot. It freezes well and you can even pull it out of the freezer and heat up fairly quickly.

My favorite menu is minestrone. You may use a chicken carcass with some chicken attached, any veggies you want, plus Italian seasoning to taste. An onion and a can of tomatoes is a must. I use kale, green pepper, zucchini, broccoli, green beans, etc. I also use a can of beans like pinto. It tastes even better by the next day. A little olive oil makes it richer and very satisfying. In short, I use it for a meal, and sometimes even for breakfast. I put a lot of chicken or beef in it.


Source by Angie Lindsey