Baby Boomers – 4 Elements of a Healthy Lifestyle

Why Sleep Is So Powerful For Mental Health


For anyone born during the post-World War II Era, up until the Vietnam Era, you have been automatically labeled a Baby Boomer. This generation had proven to be the largest in quite some time, and as they get older, more of a focus has been placed on becoming much healthier.

The Baby Boomers have seen the toll that hard work, lack of proper sleep, and poor nutrition have had on both their parents’ and grandparents’ generations, and this has been motivation to make a difference in overall lifestyle choices.

First and foremost, everything we do to our bodies has some kind of impact, whether it is positive or negative. But what we eat can sometimes help us to improve our quality of life, and make it possible to add several years to our lives. Good nutrition is significant, because it can release antioxidants for heart health, or help us to feel more energized so we engage in more activity throughout the day.

As long as we are practicing good nutrition, the next step would be to exercise. Whether you go to the gym every day of the week, or simply walk a mile a couple of days a week, physical activity has proven its benefits, especially to people over the age of forty. Getting the body moving increases blood flow for heart health, releases endorphins for mental health, and allows the body to sweat, releasing toxins that are extremely bad for the skin and other organs.

Another element that the Baby Boomers should consider is the impact of cigarettes and alcohol on personal health. This generation grew up in an era where nothing much was thought about smoking several cigarettes a day, and imbibing alcohol was a regular occurrence in many homes. It seems like such obvious advice, but giving up smoking, and limiting the amount of alcohol you consume can really add years to your life. But really, the way you feel will improve one hundred percent.

The last element of a healthy lifestyle for Baby Boomers would be a good night’s sleep. So often, working adults feel that they can get through the day on only a few hours, and be fine. Yet, what they do not realize is that, even though they may be able to function at the office that does not mean that this behavior is healthy.

Looking and feeling great involves taking care of your body, and taking the time to relax and fall asleep in a timely fashion often falls to the wayside. But many people of this generation are beginning to realize the need for sleep, and taking steps to ensure they fall asleep quickly at a decent hour, to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day.

Unlike with exercise, nutrition and quitting smoking and drinking, you do not have to do much to practice this method of health. All it takes is lying on the bed, and drifting off into a deep slumber, and years will be added to your life.

By combining all of these positive behaviors, the Baby Boomer generation will demonstrate that they will far outlive the average age of their parents and grandparents. All it takes is four positive steps.


Source by Sherry L Harris