Beach-Ready Hairstyles

Beach-Ready Hairstyles

Beach-Ready Hairstyles

Living on the coast means you don’t have a lot of wear out of most of your hairdos, because you’re most probably at the beach more often than not. You could choose to leave your hair down, but sometimes a girl needs a bit of a change and different up-dos and down-dos are the perfect way to get that. Nevertheless, if the beach is your second home, you’re going to want something that won’t take too long to make and that will look best with a messy textures hair, as the salt in the watter won’t really leave you with smooth locks. Here are a few ways to make it interesting, either with some accessories or with a few simple hairstyles.


This is a perfect beach accessory. It will keep the hair out of your face for when you’re reading a book or even playing sports, and it even goes with the retro chic style that is becoming fashionable again. You can tie it several different ways, but the most common is to just tie it around your head, with the know laying a bit above your forehead. You can pull out a few strands to frame your face and put your hair in a pony or a top-knot and you’re done. Put on a pair or shades and you’re ready to rock the look.

High Messy Bun

This is a perfect solution to get your entire hair out of the way and still look nice. This is especially nice if you decide to wear a one piece. It’s important to match the hair with the swimsuit you’re wearing. This website can give you more insight into all the types ladies swimwear you could get online, so you can chose a perfect one for you. And to get that perfect messy bun you just have to pull all your hair up, tie it into a pony and then twist it loosely around the center of the pony and pin in down. Again, pull out a few pieces of hair from the sides to frame you face and you’re set with this simple but beautiful style.

Boho Braid

If you are one of those lucky girls with long beautiful hair, but you think it’s too plain to just leave it hanging while you’re at the beach, worry no more. We know that it’s not possible to get intricate patterns with textured, salty hair, but, lucky for you, messy boho hairdos are very modern and look organic and beautiful. You can chose any braid you like, but a fishtail braid is the most beautiful and it will last the longest. Separate your entire hair in two strands, and then use your fingers to take a small section on the side of one section and cross it over to the opposite side. Continue this until the end. Fishtail braids take a bit of practice, but are completely worth it. When you finish it up, tie and elastic at the end and softly pull it apart for a messier look. Voila.

There are countless other braids you could try out such as the Dutch braid or French braid as well. You could have your friends do your hair, and vice versa, and afterwards you could all enjoy some sports at the beach, diving or swimming- your hair will stay in place for sure.