Behavioral And Lifestyle Changes That Reverse A Prolapsed Uterus Without Surgery

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Prolapsed Uterus – a common health issue is categorized as a pelvic organ Prolapse, which occurs due to the uterus descend from its normal position into the vagina. Seeking medical help doesn’t always mean that you need to undergo the painful surgery; it can be treated easily with all natural means. Some physical therapy, moderation in the diet and Ayurvedic medicines, may give you relief from the condition. The condition majorly affects your regular routine and simple changes in your behavior and lifestyle may help you reverse the prolapsed uterus. So, you should follow them to fight against the problem naturally.

  • No Weight Lifting Activities: The very first thing that helps you cure the prolapsed uterus is avoiding any weightlifting that can put excess pressure on your uterus and descends it from its actual position. Therefore, you shouldn’t incorporate yourself in any such activities that include weight lifting or heavy workouts.
  • Kegel Exercise: Another simple key that heals your problem of the prolapsed uterus is Kegel Exercise. It helps to strengthen your core muscles and keeps your uterus strong like before that heals your pain and helps you recover faster than before. Though, in an order to see only the positive outcome, it is important to perform it properly by following the instructions of your health care provider as they help you find the right muscle you need to work on and the right way to do so.
  • Losing Excess Weight: For the treatment of a prolapsed uterus, it is important to shed the extra pounds from your body as it creates continuous pressure on your pelvic muscles and descends them from their actual position. Make sure you consult your health care provider before going for any weight loss diet or exercise.
  • Moderation In The Diet: Changes in what you eat or drink throughout the day may also help you reverse the prolapsed uterus. Make sure you have foods high in estrogen and rich in protein and zinc as well, as this may have the power to treat the condition naturally by strengthening your pelvic muscles.
  • Ayurvedic Medicines: The treatment is incomplete without Ayurvedic or Herbal medicines, which are prepared specially by utilizing natural herbs that have the ability to heal your pain without making the condition worse.

These simple changes in your regular chores may reverse the condition and give you relief permanently, as there are no chances of reappearance after taking the non surgical or Ayurvedic treatment of a prolapsed uterus.


Source by Marut Sahil