Benefits of a Gazebo


Benefits of a Gazebo

A gazebo is one of the best ways to make your garden into a great outdoor space, though it is a financial in-vestment. If you don’t know, a gazebo is a small covered structure that is open to the rest of the garden. This gives people a place to stand or sit in the middle of the garden. Surrounded by comfort, they can connect with the nature around them. Below are some benefits for spending the time and money to build a gazebo.

It Provides Shade

Gardens are usually in direct contact with the sun for most of the day. It’s a necessary part of growing plants. But it can be uncomfortable for the gardener or visitors. Having a gazebo is a great way to get into the mid-dle of them without getting punished by the sunlight.

The shade will feel nice for you, but you should make sure it won’t deprive the surrounding plants. Take note of where the shade falls during the day, and plant part-sun or shade-loving plants in those places.

It Helps Add Variety to the Plantscape

The gazebo will create a different environment for plants which otherwise can’t grow in your garden. These are plants that need less sun but still prefer to be outside. In other words, the gazebo provides a shadier place where you can plant more sensitive non native plants. You can also place potted shade-loving plants inside the gazebo.

Gazebos also provide structure for climbing plants like ivy to grow upon. A gazebo covered in greenery can have a very pleasing visual effect.

Another benefit to gazebos is that they protect the plants within. Placing a gate in the entryway keeps vulner-able potted plants protected from hungry herbivores. The gazebo’s roof can also protect delicate plants from severe weather.