Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

The Truth About Search Engine Optimization


Sometimes a search engine optimization company will miss that obvious question posed by prospective clients and presuppose that the benefits of search engine optimization are apparent to all people. While cashing out a couple thousand on a search engine optimization operation is commonsensical to some, others may find it difficult to shell out cash unless they understand the true benefits of search engine optimization that is transmitted on to their business. They have to acquire a certain level of trust with regards to the fact that investment in search engine optimization is certain to bring a good return to their business. Search engines account for a large chunk of Internet traffic. The current statistical data, albeit variable in some respect, all consistently point to a single bottom line–that search engines are employed by consumers millions of times every day while looking for services, goods and even real estate properties online. The primary benefit of search engine optimization is that it is capable of delivering your business website among the top-ranked searched sites in the Web. Having your business displayed at the top 10 or top 20 of the search results is indispensable to your goal of doing business from the major search engines. An important fact that spells out this benefit of search engine optimization is that nine in every ten users (or 90%) will find what they’re looking for in the top 10 results and thus would not bother to browse page 2.

It is quite a given that entrepreneurs can indeed earn a lot of money from online marketing. The hidden question lies in cost-benefit analysis. How can one advertise a product while at the same time maximizing the profit? Textbook fact states that the profit one makes has a lot to do with acquiring benefits that is quantitatively larger than the costs that you relinquish. If you purchase advertising space on Google AdWords or other services that charge per click, you may only spend 10 cents for every visitor to your site. There is certainly a problem if it takes 100 clicks before you can acquire a single sale. If the product you are selling is priced at $10 a piece, then obviously there is no profit being made. Pay-per-click marketing strategies persistently cost you more money than you can imagine. Another benefit of search engine optimization is that it can be very affordable over months and years.

Recently, the major search engines have initiated a campaign in adding more weight to original content and quality incoming links. Search engine optimization by providing original content has the benefit of attracting visitors to your website and building link popularity to your website. This guarantees increased sales. The point is that by providing original high-quality content, you are actually rendering a mutual benefit not only to your site search ranking, but also to your site visitors because they are able to obtain valuable information on your website.

Lastly, another benefit of search engine optimization is enhancing your capability of pre-selling products. If you write an article about how your product will solve people’s problem and pointing out all the benefits of that particular product, you help the site visitor to make an informed decision. The article will help place them in a better position to buy your product.

While there are other ways to advertise a website, very few can match the wide targeted audience and affordability that search engines provide.


Source by Earl Juanico