Boats to Koh Lipe – The Peaceful Paradise of Thailand



Wish for love, peace, and diversity and find yourself on the land of Koh Lipe. Koh Lipe is nature lover’s paradise having all the natural and standard cliches: coconut tree-fringed beaches, white-sand beaches, luxuriant tropical forest, turquoise waters, colorful coral reefs (25% of the world’s total tropical fish can be seen here).

The main thing that attracts tourists towards itself is its natural magnificence. Here on Ko Lipe, the fantastic locals carry in the daily size for delicious seafood. It’s not just a little island but it’s a most developed tourist destination in the whole Thailand.

Typical expenditure of the visit to Ko Lipe:

Accommodation Charges- you can simply find economical stay there like bungalows for around 700 THB per night. For the stay in a finer room with AC service, the expected charges are 1,000 THB per night. For a royal stay in superior hotels with air conditioning and best services, the room charges start from 1,350 THB per night.

Foodstuff expenses- you can enjoy the yummy food there without any hole in the pocket because the food there is not so expensive except during peak end of the year holiday season. You can enjoy a meal around 70 THB.

Transportation – there is no need and also no availability of transport on the island because it’s too small and one can easily walk from one place to another. From the ferry to the island, you need to take separate Boat to Koh Lipe. Most round-trip ferry rides cost around 1,200 – 1300 THB.

Money and Transactions:

The representative currency of Koh Lipe Island is Thai Baht. Thai Baht is abbreviated as THB. It’s possible to exchange dollars and euros there easily. All billing is carried out in THB.

Do not forget to enjoy on Ko Lipe:

A trip to the National Park – if you are in KO Lipe, do not miss the visit to the national park.

Do hiking – The Island is the great place for do Hiking. There is the blend of forest-seascape and lots of wildlife on which to scout. The hike to cha Doa cliff is most admired by the tourists.

Choose Ko Adang Excursion – Taking a Boat to Koh Lipe is a lot of fun. You have to sit back and enjoy the astonishing scenery and beauty of the ocean. Koh Lipe is a home of Chado Cliff and pirate falls from where you can hike up and catch the whole view from the top.

Knock the bars – at the island in this environment nobody can deny the feet into a local bar like the hammock.

Get a massage – in that island, you will get a number of places to get the message. In the core of the island, there is a well known and well admired Wat Po Massage School you also can choose.

Delicious Foods – There are a number of places and food spots all over the island where you can enjoy yummy foods. Some of them Flour Power, PeeWee Bakery and Pancake Lady are well-liked breakfast spots. Banana Leaf is a famous dinner spot.

Keep in mind, there are various boat operators offers trips to Koh Lipe and may also provide a speedboat transfer service, free airport transfers and much more so check with the lodging on Koh Lipe they have a speedboat service or not.


Source by Nan Kaouthai