Can Article Marketing Actually Help Your Business?

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If you’ve heard of article marketing at any point while building a business online, you’ve probably wondered if article marketing can help your own business. The short answer is yes – not only do you have the opportunity to post articles free of charge, your articles are distributed to a target group of people who are interested in your service or product.

While it’s not often featured in the limelight of Internet marketing or online business, article marketing techniques can have speedy benefits, when used correctly. Once an article is approved to go live, consistent streams of people will have the opportunity to consume your written work. Readers can then click on the link to your website or whatever you provide in your resource box.

If you aren’t familiar with what a resource box is, this is the area at the bottom of the article where you’re able to provide additional materials of quality value. It can be a free eBook, audio download or something of the like. You should provide plenty of incentive for people to click through whatever is in your resource box.

If the article was well received by a reader, they are likely to share your work in different outlets online, meaning your article is receiving free traffic without further work on your end. It’s said that share counts are the highest indicator of a successful piece of content, so the more shares your work receives, the better it will do overall.

If your article is being posted in a directory, the site will usually ask you to provide keywords as this enables users to find what they’re looking for more quickly. Your article’s keywords are also made available to search engines, so if someone’s looking for your work on Yahoo, Bing or Google, these companies will have an easier time finding and providing your article as well.

When preparing the free gift you can offer in your resource box, make sure it’s incredibly easy for a reader to find your website when they’re done. If they enjoyed the eBook or free resource (which they will if you’re being generous, thoughtful and honest), they’ll want to learn more from you, and they need to know where your website is.

If you’re serious about getting results from article marketing, you need to submit articles to directories that already have high traffic. EzineArticles is one of the best places to jump in and get started. It’s also helpful to submit to highly relevant niche sites. While niche sites won’t always have a ton of traffic, they’re still useful, as readers from these sites are highly qualified leads.

Ideally you want each piece of content to have a fresh foundation – not being rehashed from previous articles you wrote. Plus, the more original content you have, the sooner you’ll be seen as an expert.

In terms of the nature and scope of your article, it doesn’t matter if it’s to promote a large, medium or small business (or your own). The main idea is you want a catchy headline that will grab a reader’s attention as soon as they come across it.

You’re bound to come across plenty of business owners and entrepreneurs who only recommend paid traffic methods. However, it’s worth considering the following: Why would you over-emphasize paid traffic, when you can obtain qualified, eager leads for free? Plus, having the chance to write about your business gives everyone the ability to “taste” your business before they make a purchase. It’s like a free sample at a grocery store or ice cream shop before you actually buy food.

You may also be wondering: Is article marketing more effective than print? The answer here is also yes. It takes far less time, energy and resources to get dozens of articles up and running online than it does getting one piece of content accepted for print.

Digital publication methods keep information stored for a longer period of time, more efficiently. This means it’s easier than ever to find information in the blink of an eye as well as consistently find it over long periods of time. Utilizing article marketing for your business makes sense for the present and future, as people get a free taste of your writing style and what you’re offering through your business.


Source by Bradley P Johnson