Can You Imagine a World Without Post-It Notes?

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It’s easy to take Post-it notes for granted. Those small, sticky, reusable slips of paper have a thousand uses.

And they make a lot of coin for 3M.

There’s a business lesson in Post-it notes for your coaching or hypnotherapy business. And no, it’s not the one you expect.

The obvious lesson is that failure isn’t failure. They set out to create super strong glue and accidentally made weak glue that stays sticky.


Until you find another use for it…

So, sure, there’s a business lesson there. Whenever you think you’ve failed, try to see the success buried in the failure.

But that’s not what I’m talking about right now.

Post-it notes initially didn’t sell well. Imagine you’ve never encountered them before. Would you be willing to buy pieces of paper… that stick to things? Doesn’t sound very useful, right?

Some things in life can be difficult to describe. Post-it notes are one example. You can talk about what they do, but until someone experiences it, they won’t really get it.

Tetris is the same – a wildly addictive game that sounds boring and terrible when you describe it. “There are blocks… and you drop blocks into the gaps. When you complete a row, it disappears. No, really, it’s fun!”

Offering a professional service can be like that too. Folk might not believe you can help them.

Or they might not be able to imagine living without their problem – common enough for anything they carry around for years.

“I guide you to solutions” doesn’t quite do the job, you know? Like Post-it notes, that’s beyond useful. But folk don’t really see how until they experience it.

So how do you get clients to experience your methods before they sign up?

The same way Post-it notes became a smash hit:

3M mailed a box of Post-it notes to the secretaries of the CEOs of all the Fortune 500 companies. They didn’t ask – they gave them away as free samples.

The CEOs started using them.

Then they kept using them, which involved ordering more.

Then everyone grew curious about these strange notes stuck to the memos these influential CEOs sent them.

From there, it caught on.

You can do the same thing by offering free samples of your coaching or hypnotherapy.

What I’m NOT suggesting is giving away your time for free. That’s not the mark of a professional.

And no one would take you seriously if you did.

What I am suggesting is this:

Weave your changework methods into your marketing.

Show your clients how to resolve problems and grow, simply by reading what you write and hearing what you say.

Give them a taste of working with you.


With content marketing.

But not by sharing “lifehacks” or telling them what to do. That’s about as effective and popular as telling smokers they need to quit. The world has no shortage of knowledge – and your job isn’t just about imparting knowledge anyway.

It’s about so much more than that.


Source by William T Batten