Carp Bait Tips – The Best Homemade Recipes and Ingredients For Corn Dough Ball Fishing Rigs

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There are many great homemade carp bait recipes and popular ingredients that fisherman use in carp fishing bait. Everyone has their own special combination that they use to lure in these fish. These different rigs and bait are usually dough balls or corn-based mixes that carp fish love.

One of the most popular and easy carp bait types are dough balls. These types of lures include flour and corn meal for the basis of the concoction. Then, vanilla is added for that extra sweetener and water. Carp fish from different regions love this basic bait.

Another type of bait involves all types of corn. For instance, many anglers will use corn meal, corn flakes, creamed corn and more to create a nice scent and consistency that these fish love. Get a bat roller to help make your lures and you’ll be pulling carp out of your local lake or river with ease.

Another route is to go salty. This can be achieved with cheese, peanut butter, sardines, and garlic salt. Use of only one or two of these is suggested. Adding a thickener like cornmeal, oatmeal, flour, or anything else you can think of will help to soak up the scent and flavor to attract the fish.

Some fishermen get created and put anything and everything in their carp bait. Some like coke, chicken livers, grits, jello, hot dogs and even Wheaties cereal. Many people have just used plain bread and have pulled out some huge carp fish. It really depends on when and where you are fishing.

In the end, it really depends on your creativity. Using conventional fishing techniques and skills is the first step. But, with carp fishing, knowing what they like to eat and what scents in foods attracts them is the next key to being successful when angling for this tough fighting fish. Just keep the carp bait sweet and dough based and you’ll be on the right track.

Some other quick Carp tips are to fish in warm waters. Use a little heavier than light tackle as these fish won’t go down without a fight. Being creative and adapting your baits to what your local carp likes is the best method for success on the water. Trial and error as well as testing out different types of carp bait will make your skills catching this great fish better and better as you get to know its eating habits and bait preference.


Source by John J Tillman