Effective Methods For Controlling Common Pesky Birds

Effective Methods For Controlling Common Pesky Birds
Effective Methods For Controlling Common Pesky Birds

Effective Methods For Controlling Common Pesky Birds

Several common birds often become pests around the home and garden. You don’t want to kill birds, because they are beneficial. They eat insect pests that threaten you and your garden. However, if you have a large bird population, it’s time to try some control tactics that rid you garden of these pests.

1: Blackbirds 

The red-winged blackbird is a common pest. They can cause extensive damage to cornfields and love to devour the sunflower heads. While they do eat insects, a majority of their diet includes berries and corn. There are a few tactics you can try to scare these pests out of unwanted areas.

  • Thin trees near your home to reduce nesting areas; blackbirds won’t feel safe without adequate cover.
  • Owl and hawk decoys can scare these birds away from your garden.
  • Paint faces on helium balloons to scare them away from certain areas.
  • Protect you entire garden by placing a thin nylon netting over your crops.

2: Pigeons

Pigeons are a nuisance when large numbers of them try to nest in unwanted areas, and their droppings cover everything. There are two things that pigeons are deathly afraid of, their own reflection and owls.

  • Place a plastic owl with a head that moves in the wind to scare them away.
  • Glue mirrors down on areas where you don’t want them to roost. Once they see their reflection, they move on to a new site.

3: Starlings

Starlings can be bullies. They chase away beneficial birds, taking over the nesting area they leave behind. It doesn’t take long for large population of starlings to devour your garden goodies. They love to feast on cherries, seeds, grapes and other fruits. They also fly to livestock areas to eat feed and drink water.

If you place a board at a 45 degree angle on ledges, it stops them from making a nest in that area. Keeping a bright light on also discourages them from nesting in certain areas.

These pests are quite clever, however. They often fly up to 15 miles or more from their nesting site to feast on berries and other goodies. If starlings are devouring your crops, you may consider placing netting over your berries and other fruits. You can place them on berry bushes and poles, holding the nets in place with rocks.

You can try these methods to discourage bird pests around your home, but if you are dealing with large population of any type of bird pests, you may need to bring in a professional pest control service. They can help you deal with the problem in a safe and humane manner.