Essential Components Of Search Engine Optimization

Selecting The Top Most Keywords For Successful SEO


In order to do perfect search engine optimization you have to follow some of the most important processes to get the best result. Following are the most essential components of Search Engine Optimization:

1: On Page Optimization: On page optimization refers to the process of making your website index-able by search engine spiders. It includes a number of processes in it. Following are the main component of on-page optimization:

  • Title Tag: It should be mainly the heading of your web page.
  • Description Meta Tag: Briefly describes the content/service/product of a web page.
  • Keyword Meta Tag: All the important keywords are listed in this meta tag.
  • Alt Tag: Since search engine spiders do not recognizes the images so to describe image or what image is actually about Alt Tag is used. It is an alternative for images, in some browsers if the image is not visible the alternate tag tells about the presence of that image.
  • Anchor Text: The titles or words which are important and used within a web page are linked to go to their respective page are the Anchor text. Anchor texts are most important text and weighed heavily by search engine spiders if used properly.
  • Link Title: To give a very short description to a link it is used. When we put mouse over the link it becomes visible.
  • Content Optimization: This is the most important element of any web page. Spellings, grammar are checked. Keywords are inserted keeping in mind to look the content natural and not keyword stuffed. Content should be unique and informative.

2: Off Page Optimization: Off page optimization serve more than 75% of search engine optimization. It almost moves around linking linking and linking. Whatever we do in off page optimization gives link in return which is the most important factor in SEO. Following are the main component of off-page optimization:

  • Directory Submission: This is the easiest way of making your website popular on the web. By submitting a site to directories you just make sure to show your presence to search engine spiders on the web. There are only few directories where people go to find something; Dmoz, Google, yahoo etc. are among them.
  • Link Building: A link to your site from some other site shows that your site has something in it, which is useful for others. This is what we call reputation. By building links you build reputation for your website. More the links to your site more the reputation your site have and hence the ranking in SERPs.
  • Press Release: To quickly publish your website on the web this is a useful platform. Just tell the world that your site is up.
  • Article Submission: Article Directories are like banks of information. If you have an account in it and deposited information (in terms of articles) in it, you are sure to get profit (in terms of back links and visits) from it.
  • Social Bookmarking: It is useful in gaining links and reputations online by you and other online users. More bookmarks to your site more popular you are online. It can give you the traffic as well if appeared on homepage of a social bookmarking web site.
  • Blogging: If you want your visitors to make updated with any changes to your website, this is the best platform for you. Start a blog for your website and make your visitors updated. Share your ideas, receive comments respond them and improve. Blogs are best to directly interact with your website visitors.

There are more in optimization, which can be done during search engine optimization, but I have just mentioned the essential components.


Source by John A Franklin