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What you see – Ethno Fitness and Health Hyderabad is at around half a kilometer’s distance from the famous CyberTowers at Hitec City; almost opposite to TCS campus. It is located on the ground floor of Cyber Pearl and attracts you with its blue and green name board.

A brown colored door welcomes you at this fitness center. Flower pots run along the room and you see a cubicle in one corner and a round table with four chairs in another. A small refrigerator also occupies some space in the premises.

What you get – Ethno Fitness was set up in around 2005. Like other gyms, it also follows the application form procedure for allowing people into the gym. ID cards are issued and entry and exit data is tabulated. The gym rates offer discounts for corporates and couples. The discounted rate for corporate executives is Rs. 1,200 for one month, Rs. 3,000 for three months and so on. Taxes are extra. For couples, it is Rs. 1,800 + taxes for a month and Rs. 4,500 + taxes for three months.

Apart from gymming facilities, Ethno offers aerobics, physiotherapy consultation and Yoga. It also has a spa and salon. Aerobics classes are held from Monday to Friday by Reena who is certified from Reebok. Even the gym trainers (Ranjan, Rakesh, Sabi and Javed) are certified from the same brand. There is also Dr. Sanjeev who gives consultation on physiotherapy twice a week apart from tips on diet.

Salsa dance, Jive and Cha-Cha are some of the other activities that you can get training on at Ethno.

The verdict – Facilities seem to be clean and of superior quality. There are separate washrooms for both males and females. There are lockers as well. Water bottles and napkins are provided. It is open 24×7 on all days except Sundays when it is closed for 12 hours. There are parking facilities for customers – in the basement for four wheelers and outside the building for two wheelers.


Source by Pranay Rupani