Florence Lifestyle

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Visiting Florence is a unique experience, art lovers cannot skip visiting this famous Italian city at least once in their life.

Many tourists fall in love with this city once they have visited Florence, many of them often come back to Florence while other foreigners decide to move for long periods.

There are many interesting highlights to see in Florence, such as monuments, majestic churches, museums with their immortal art works.

The historical center of the city itself is an open-air museum to be discovered walking through the old streets and squares of this Tuscan city.

It takes a very long time to visit Florence in all its beauty. The Florentines are well aware of this, as they often discover things they did not know despite having lived in Florence since ever.

For this reason, it happens that some foreigners fall in love with Florence and move for long periods if not permanently.

Another aspect that fascinates those who visit Florence is the lifestyle. Living in this Italian city means great lifestyle. Florence is a fairly small town especially with regard to the oldest part of the city.

Walking in the old city in the midst of the artistic and historical monuments like being in another era, even the streets and smaller squares of the historic center of Florence give this fascinating feeling of living in a different world, far from the modern one.

In some areas of Florence there are still small craft shops where you work according to the old artcraft methods. There are also many typical restaurants that offer Tuscan food made according to old recipes.

Other characteristic places are the vinaini where you can enjoy the excellent Tuscan wines accompanied by cold cuts and cheese, typical food of this area. For those who love street food there are shops and outdoor vendors where you can eat the classic Florentine tripe sandwiches and lamprey, the whole accompanied of course by a glass of red wine.

Despite being known for being the birthplace of the Renaissance Florence is also a popular city where daily life continuously combines these two different aspects of the city. Walking around Florence you can see alternately large buildings in popular areas, streets and majestic squares and narrow streets where the sun does not shine even in summer.

This ambivalence of Florence combined with his size on a human scale makes the Tuscan city a unique place in the world where in addition to art, good food and many other attractions you can also enjoy an excellent quality of life.


Source by Susanna Mantovani