Going Green – Trend Or Lifestyle Change?

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Due to environmental concerns and the energy crisis of recent years, it seems that “going green” is quite the buzz these days;from existing businesses becoming “green certified” and many others mushrooming as green businesses, the premise of going green seems to be getting quite the attention. In recent blogs that I have read there seems to be a consensus in the belief that I have had a while back ago: Is this really a trend or a lifestyle change?

It has been said that every trend or fad generally fades and dies, and to many this is no exception. For the true environmentalist, and other that have embraced this lifestyle before it ever became popular, tend to view this quite cynically and believe that the premise of “going green” is to a certain degree based on consumerism and not necessarily based on a change in people’s lifestyle. Although I admittedly have not been the fervid environmentalist throughout, I do agree however, that words like “eco-friendly”, “environmentally safe,” and “green” or” green lifestyle “are used quite liberally these days to promote new services and products alike infuriating those who has been in the forefront of these pressing issues for years.

How can the consumption of products and the betterment of the environment be equated ? Well, unfortunately and sadly ,we live in a highly acquisitive society and in a culture purely motivated by consumption, that maybe it is true that buying “green” products per se will not lead as a whole to saving of the planet, it can and has brought an awareness to the environmental issue. Although I don’t dispute that yes, it is purely based on marketing, we have seen a spurt in demand for organic products.

This movement if you will is not generally a negative thing;it surely is a step in the right direction and ideally and yes I mean ideally, I believe that in order for real change to take place and certainly make a difference , (particularly where the environment is concerned) there has to be a dramatic shift in people’s perception, habits and most importantly a renewed lifestyle change. Only time will tell whether and if these ideas will penetrate the American psyche so true change can possibly occur.

Every step although small is a step in the right direction.


Source by Teresa Cuervo