Google Keyword Search Engine – Keyword Stats in a Jiffy

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Some sort of Google keyword search engine is used by any serious internet marketing professional. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been an online marketer for years or you just started the other day. You need to know…

  • What a Google keyword search engine is?
  • What you can learn from the outputs of this tool?
  • What information that the tool does not provide?
  • How to analyze the data?
  • How to put the info to good use?

Here I’ll cover all of those things to help you understand the tool and what you can expect when you are using it.

You know how to use a search engine.

You type in some words that describe what you are looking for and then out pops a listing of relevant information. Well a Google keyword search engine works pretty much the same way.

It’s a search engine for keyword stats. The output you get shows terms individuals are using to search and how many people are using that keyword.

What you gain from this report is basically a look into the minds of people searching for things in a particular niche. It gives you an idea about how they think and talk about your niche.

You also get a number for approximately how many people are thinking along those same lines since they use the same keyword phrase.

Is there any info that Google keyword search engines typically lack?

What you don’t see with most Google keyword search engines are details about your competitors for the keyword. Yes, you get a general idea, but not a concrete number on how many pages are optimized and ranking for that word or phrase.

With out this data, you’re still guessing to a certain extent. Luckily, I’ve found one that has filled this gap.

How can you analyze the output from the Google keyword search engine?

What you can determine most easily from the data is whether or not the words are used widely enough to be worth investing your time in.

Yes, it is tempting to go for the keyword with a million searches just because that number is big. You might be thinking that with that much traffic, you’re bound to get some of it.

Maybe so, but typically with these keywords that have massive search numbers, what little traffic you get (if any) won’t be worth the time you spend marketing with that term. Your page will likely be so far down in the search results that it probably won’t even get seen.

How can you put keyword search data to use?

The two basic ways most marketers use this data are:

  • You can use it for finding and potentially profitable niche.
  • You can use it to find potentially profitable keywords for an existing niche you are working on.

There are other ways to use the data, but these two are the most typical.

Now you know the purpose of a Google keyword search engine and how you can apply it to your campaigns. The next step is finding a tool that give you the full picture that you need to make your internet marketing decisions.


Source by Leslie A Brooks