Grooved Golf Swing Series: How To Find Your Best Style For Putting

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The first thing I want to say about putting is that it is a very

personal thing.

When you play you will see many different styles,

grips, stances, swings, and of course types and shapes of putters.

Are any of these styles wrong? NO! None are wrong, and probably

most of them are not right either – for you.

So, much experimenting with different methods of putting is called


Most of this can be done at home on the carpet, or you may

have made your own home, inside putting green whose construction I

have described in a previous article.

When I started playing golf, putting was and still is, but to a

lesser degree, my nemesis.

I just could not hit the ball straight.

Do you have this trouble too?

Maybe with practising and imagination you will hit upon a method

that suits you and makes you a wonderful putter.

While you are practising you will try all types of strokes.

The stiff-wristed arm and shoulder stroke, where you only move your

shoulders in a right and then left rocking motion, keeping the arms

in the same relationship to the chest, their movement being the

result of the rocking motion above.

The wrists are stiff and do not add to the stroke.

Then you may add the wrists to the stroke and make it a wrists and

forearms stroke, with less rocking of the shoulders.

Or lastly, you may make it a wrists only stroke.

I would advocate trying to use both the forearms and wrists in your

stroke because you will be far more relaxed and the stroke will

feel much more natural.

As a result your will find consistency.

In all methods it is essential that you hit the ball with a square

club head.

Have you ever wondered why some players line the brand name on the

ball so that it is pointing directly along the line of the chosen


When I tried it, it made no difference to me. I still missed

as often as before.

Then I learned that there is a second part to aiming the brand name

at the hole. When you put your putter down behind the ball, make

sure that the brand name and club face are at right angles to each

other. This means that your club head is square to the line to the


Now all you have to do is keep your putter head square on the back

stroke and the hitting stroke, and you will be on line.

One of the important things when developing a putting style is that

you must be able to repeat the stroke consistently.

Probably you will find that the wrist and forearm style will allow this more

than any other method.

The other important thing is to find a putter that suits you and

stick to it.

Source by Bill Maitland