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Staying alive is called living a life and the quality of life you live is your health. Life and health are closely related words if you want them to portray a positive outlook. This is because, if you want your life to be good then you should stay healthy. This is not something you can get by just imagining it. Health comes with great sacrifices and struggle, like everything else in life. There are forces all around you that make you unhealthy. You should learn to say yes to things that promote health and no to the things that do the opposite.

There are many things you can do to make your life healthy. Your diet plays a major role in your health. Eating a balanced diet is very important as it contains all the necessary nutrients and vitamins. Eating breakfast is something that should not be missed as it is the energy that keeps you active everyday. It also reduces the risk of over-eating. Including sea food in your diet is also beneficial. This type of food does not contain saturated fats and they store huge amount of proteins. Fish oil is also very good for the health. Sleeping for the minimum hours as specified by professionals is also very important. Staying socially active and taking part in social events also keeps our mind motivated and psychologically healthy.

Exercising is the king of all these tips. It does wonders to the body. It helps in keeping us fit and our muscles in shape. Exercising increases the blood flow to different parts of the body which helps in making us more active. Exercising also cuts short the risk of developing life-threatening diseases such as diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure etc. Keeping your teeth clean and flossed increases your life span. Healthy teeth help in chewing the food more efficiently. Protecting your skin is also beneficial. As long as your skin remains healthy and protected you will look younger and confident. It is common to wear sunscreen to protect skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. All these tips can help in creating the healthiest lifestyle.


Source by Michael M Brown