Healthy Smoothie Recipes For Kids: Quick, Easy and Delicious Smoothie Recipes

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Coming up with healthy smoothie recipes for kids can sometimes be difficult. You want your smoothie recipe to be one that your kids will enjoy but you also want to make sure that it will be beneficial to them nutritionally. After all there is no point in having healthy smoothie recipes for kids if they’re not actually healthy right? This article details two quick, easy to make and delicious healthy smoothie recipes that your kids will not only enjoy but they will want to have them on a consistent basis which will make your job of giving them healthy options to eat much easier.

The first recipe is oh so simple but it packs a powerful nutritional punch. It’s a pineapple and coconut smoothie that is simply delicious. The recipe uses cashew nut butter but if you’re like me and allergic to cashew nuts you can substitute out the cashew nut butter for an almond, hazelnut or regular peanut butter. Make sure you stick with a no added sugar nut butter as they are much healthier than the sugar filled nut butters available. Your nearest supermarket or grocery store should stock a no added sugar variety but if they don’t you will be able to get them in your nearest health food store.

Pineapple and Coconut Smoothie

Serves 2


• 1/2 fresh pineapple, chopped

• 2 bananas

• 400ml of coconut milk

• 1 tsp organic cashew nut butter

• Handful of ice cubes


1. Add all ingredients to a food processor and blend until smooth.

2. Drink immediately.

As you can see it’s a simple healthy smoothie recipe for kids but one they’ll love. The next recipe is a secret one. It’s a secret because it’s a clever way of getting your kids to eat more green vegetables without them actually knowing. This smoothie recipe contains spinach but the flavours of the berries and coconut milk mask the taste of the spinach so your kids won’t realise it’s in it at all.

Now I’d prefer to let them know it is in the smoothie and educate them on the importance of including lots of healthy green vegetables in our diets. On the other hand if you do have a particularly difficult time of getting your kids to eat green vegetables then this secret healthy recipe for kids is perfect.

Berry and Secret Spinach Smoothie

Serves 1


• 1 handful of strawberries

• 1 handful of blackberries

• 200ml coconut milk

• 3 blocks of frozen spinach

• Handful of ice cubes


1. Blitz all ingredients in a blender and serve!

2. This is a brilliant way to get more green nutrients!!


Source by John Mulry