Home Ownership: Know The Useful Life Of Your House’s Components

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Owning a home, of your own, may be an essential part of the American Dream, for many, but, ensuring it remains a dream, rather than a nightmare, often requires better focus, and attention! A well – prepared homeowner, is an educated consumer, who prepares, efficiently, and wisely, and knows, as much as possible, in order to proceed with credible, realistic expectations. One of the keys to this, is evaluating various key components of a house, and anticipating their useful lives, so one might plan, and prepare properly. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly consider, review, examine, and discuss, a smart way, to be prepared, and what to expect, in terms of specific major components.

1. Planning effectively, and creating reserves: Smart homeowners begin with their eyes – wide – open! That way, they do not become overwhelmed, and therefore, there is less stress, and avoidable tension. When one realizes the anticipated useful life, of major appliances and components, they can realistically create, and plan, the necessary reserves, needed and necessary. When these events are ignored, and a repair is needed (and they will be), these unprepared homeowners, find themselves, in a nightmare, of their own making!

2. Roof: When a new roof is installed, they have specific ratings, generally stated in years. For example, some are rated as 40 – year, others, 30 – year, etc. However, even though a roof, may be rated for a certain life, be prepared for repairs, patches, etc. Also, hire a qualified, roofing professional, so you end up, with the results, you seek. Obviously, this is not, a time, to be, penny – wise!

3, Painting: Depending on the material, on the exterior of your house, the degree and costs of maintenance, vary. Houses undergo, wear – and – tear, and smart homeowners, plan, for periodic painting, etc, on a regular basis, so they don’t need, a major repair, later! Most people, paint the interior of their homes, at stages, for convenience, but, if we create a plan, for having the entire house, painted, in stages, every 5 years, and create a reserve, for this purpose, your stress is reduced. Exterior maintenance also depends on local climate and conditions, so be prepared!

4. Major appliances: The major appliances include: washer/ dryer; dishwasher; refrigerator; freezer; and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air – conditioner), etc. Each of these have predictable, useful lives, and it is wise, to cautiously, factor these in, and, when possible, purchase some sort of quality protection plan, to minimize your financial exposure.

5. Reserves: Create realistic reserves, and contribute to these, on a regular basis, for repairs, maintenance, and renovation. This will minimize stress and risk!

The better prepared, one is, the more happiness and enjoyment, you will experience, from home ownership. Will you be willing to discipline, yourself, and create a realistic plan, to ensure the best results?


Source by Richard Brody