Homemade Romantic Gifts

Homemade Romantic Gifts
Homemade Romantic Gifts

Homemade Romantic Gifts

Homemade romantic gifts can mean just as much to your partner as the most expensive jewelry or vacation, so don’t worry if you don’t have much money currently: You can create your own free, custom made romantic gift.

Below, we’ve categorized the greatest homemade gift ideas for romantic couples to make your choice easier. Take your time to find the ones you like the best, we think they’re all worth the effort.

We hope you’ll like them as well 🙂

Great Homemade Romantic Gifts – Easy Ones

  1. Make customized greeting cards, using crayons and construction paper or a graphics program. Decorate them with romantic quotes, poems, etc…
  2. Give your loved-one a CD featuring their favorite songs. If you’d like to make the play list longer, add songs that you used to listen to when you were dating or when you got married.
  3. Give your partner customized love coupons. With a little imagination and a graphics program, they’re really easy (and free) to create.
  4. Try the old fashioned way: Write your partner a poem or a love letter. It’s a meaningful homemade romantic gift and all you have to do is express your honest feelings; it doesn’t have to be a masterpiece. Of course the more elaborate it sounds, the greater the impact will be.
  5. Cook your partner their favorite dessert and decorate it. For example make it heart-shaped and use marzipan flowers and petals to make it look more tempting.
  6. Make a personalized calendar about the two of you. Decorate the pages with photos, quotes, short poems… You can make it as personal and/or useful as you want. For example marking important dates is a great way to remember all those anniversaries. 🙂
  7. Create a decorative scrapbook with photos of the two of you. Decorate the book to your liking.
  8. Give your loved-one a warm cotton towel with their names and/or a romantic message embroidered in it.
  9. Get your partner a personalized T-Shirt.

Free Homemade Romantic Gifts – Special Romantic Ideas

  1. Take a photo of the two of you, and set it as the background on your computer. Either get an old photo or take a new one: Use a free online graphics program to edit and decorate it as you like.
  2. Create a short video (15 mins) in which you express your love. And then simply brighten up your partner’s day by sending it to their workplaces (for example via email). Sending Romantic SMS Messages is another creative and cheap idea that shows you care.
  3. If your partner loves reading, make them a custom bookmark.
  4. Draw or write something romantic for your partner on the driveway or sidewalk by the time they get home.
  5. Make origami flowers (or other figures) and write love notes on the outside or inside.
  6. Get tons of balloons and hide love notes inside them. You can write them on the outside as well.
  7. Make them a personal slideshow on the computer. Gather photos, videos, happy memories from your past and play the show to your partner with their favorite romantic songs in the background. There are lots of free online programs you can use to create one.
  8. Set up a –romantic webpage– for your partner. It’s absolutely free and you get to design everything. Upload photos of your partner, videos of the two of you, romantic messages, quotes, poems or anything else…

Free Homemade Romantic Gifts – The Key Is Creativity

  1. Decorate and pack a box full of small gifts and flowers, and glue a mirror to the bottom of it, with a note saying. “Look at the bottom to see the most beautiful gift of all” or “Look at the bottom to see the most beautiful present I ever got” or better yet, come up with something on your own.
  2. Make ice-cream at home. Using marzipans or other sweets, you can decorate it as you want.
  3. Build a birdhouse, decorate/paint it with romantic quotes and messages and hide inside it a nice gift for your girlfriend.

Meaningful Homemade Gift Ideas – Romantic Tips To Go The Extra Mile

  1. Decorate and warm up the bathroom then give your partner a relaxing massage while they’re soaking in a bath of warm water.
  2. Plant flowers in your garden (or in a nearby park) in a way that it shows your partner’s monogram or a heart
  3. Surprise your partner by decorating your room with glowing stars, planets, flowers etc…

Homemade Romantic Gift Ideas Around 10-15 $

  1. Get your partner a custom, personalized doll. It’s a nice, interesting and unique gift to give, especially to girlfriends.
  2. Give your partner a bunch of real flowers and one artificial flower with a greeting card saying: “I’ll love you until the last petal falls” or “Our love will last until the last rose dies”. Better yet, come up with something like these lines on your own.