How To Choose A Domain Name – A Guide and Tips

How To Choose A Domain Name
How To Choose A Domain Name

How To Choose A Domain Name – A Guide and Tips

Domain name plays a very important role for your blog or website and the way you choose a domain name. It is one of the most important thing for a blog. Think your blog as your business, your brand and domain is a part of your brand.

How To Choose A Domain Name

Picking up a good domain name might sound like a hard process but we are here to lighten your hard-work. Below are some tips which will help you pick a perfect domain name for your blog.

Selecting Keyword

Keywords plays an important role in your blogging career and here, in domain also. Good keyword may increase your chance to rank high in search engines like Google. Create a list of 4-5 keywords which suits completely your business. They play with the keywords. Add prefix and suffix and make the necessary changes to it.


Keep your domain unique. Never copy the idea of someone else. Don’t choose a domain name which can be pronounced the same way as of other popular blog or a misspell of another popular blog. Be unique and be creative, you will get success.

Short & Simple

You should try to keep the letters of your domain as little as possible while you choose a domain name. Don’t think of a name which is too long and can irritate your readers to type. Make the domain simple and keep it short. If you domain is long, there are chances that the user may forget your domain name. So, better keeping it short.

Easy To Type

Keep in mind to make your domain easy to type. Yes, of course everybody is going to type your domain name and if it is not easy to type then the user may not type your domain name and you will lose a valuable visitor to your blog.


Now, this is again a big dilemma for a newbie blogger. Domain names with good keywords are mostly sold you and you are looking for a domain name with good keyword. (Obviously, who don’t want a domain with a good keyword?). So, try to find a .com domain name. If you cannot find a domain name with .com, try other alternative keyword which is good enough as earlier. And if you are still not able to find a .com domain name, then go for .net or .org. ignore the domain name with country suffix or so.

No Hyphens, Special Characters or Numbers

Avoid using hyphens or any other special character or numbers in your domain name. It will not be easy to give your domain name to someone verbally and thus, it gets a thumb down as it is not easy to remember.

Domain Registrar

There are tons of domain registrar from whom you can buy your domain name. But getting a domain name from a popular and reliable source is always secure.