How to Get Rid of Age Spots Related to Exposure to Sun Light

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The skin is an outright definer of our beauty and good health at large. Its radiance, youthful feel and admirable look make us feel good and proud of ourselves. However, maintaining this radiance is not always an easy thing and to many people, it often gets over their control. As we advance in age, we get more exposure to agents that reduce the skin’s capacity to reverse sunlight skin damage such as medications and hormonal changes which lead to deterioration of our skin’s good health. The age factor also comes in handy and plays a key role in reducing the skin’s tolerance to sunlight damage.

But why does the sun cause skin damage? Well, many people do question how sunlight causes skin damage yet parents are always advised to let their young kids be exposed to sunlight to boost their vitamin D synthesis. It also feels good to bask in the sun whether at the beach or at one’s home yard during weekends. To make this point clear, it should be noted that while sunlight is needed for such metabolism or for personal comfort, prolonged exposure stimulates more production of melanin and destruction of some elastin and collagen fibers in the skin. With this increase in melanin and destruction of elastin and collagen fibers in the skin, you are always predisposed to develop unevenly pigmented and darker skin, age spots, vertical skin creases and wrinkles and development of a leathery sagging skin. Under these conditions, the skin does not only lose its radiance but also makes you look much older than you truly are.

In order to get rid of age spots and the other stated sunlight skin damage effects, use of specially manufactured skin lightening cream that brighten the skin, boost the development of elastic and collagen fibers and block melanin production is of paramount importance. Natural sunscreen products particularly the ones containing Extrapone Nutgrass have been proven to be highly potent in getting rid of these age spots and replenishing an aging skin. Some of the major factors that make Extrapone Nutgrass a potent treatment for sunlight damaged skin is its eminent skin lightening capacity, promotion of elastin and collagen regrowth and its extremely low risk to development of skin cancers and other side effects associated with sunscreens and skin lightening products.

Some of the sunscreen products used to get rid of age spots also incorporates other components to boost full recovery of the damaged skin and maintain its reinstated good health. For instance, Xtendlife cream features additional ingredients used to detoxify free radicals in the skin and to boost hyaluronic acid retention in the skin. Free radicals in the skin are common skin cancer and skin ill-health precursors while the hyaluronic acid plays a significant role in the development of connective tissue such as collagen and elastin fibers thus counteracting the aging effect of the skin. With this combination, the effectiveness of the an age spot remover containing Extrapone Nutgrass is highly recommended and makes it excellent in eliminating age spots by brightening and lightening the skin as well as alleviating other skin damage effects related to sunlight exposure.

Source by Ingrid Palmer