How To Get Search Engine Traffic

Local SEO For Small Business


Getting traffic is a task that can seem to get harder and harder by the day. The reason why people are having more problems succeeding is because the competition is getting tougher. The number of people who are competing by building websites is increasing and they all have access to valuable marketing information. So on the one hand, a great deal of information is now available to help you drive more traffic to your website, but on the other hand, that same information is available to your competitors as well.

There are several effective strategies that one can use to get search engine website traffic. Learning the fundamentals of SEO can do wonders for you and your website. A great place to start is to search Google for an SEO tutorial, which will tell you how to use the proper keywords, how to properly format your HTML, and various other techniques that than improve the way you look to the search engines.

Once you ave your website pages optimized, the next step is to start getting backlinks. There are some good ways to do this and some techniques to avoid. The good techniques include writing articles, commenting on blogs, posting on forums, and using a good backlink network or two. Writing articles, commenting on blogs and posting on forums are all effective techniques if you put in the admittedly large amount of work required. Using a backlink network is a great idea because it can give you many backlinks without requiring much effort. Just make sure the network creates these links slowly so as not to spam the search engines. All the good networks do this as a matter of course.

One technique that sometimes works is to contact webmasters who already own successful websites and offer to write an article for their site. This article will include a link back to your own website. This technique can be useful, but you must be prepared for the fact that most webmasters will simply ignore your emails. But all you need is one or two good responses from high pagerank websites to really help your search engine ranking.

Another great technique is to create a YouTube video. Not only can you get a backlink to your website from the video description, you can also drive direct traffic if your video becomes popular.

These days I suggest focusing most of your energies on getting one way or three way links. Sending out endless emails requesting link exchanges s basically a waste of time. Search engines reward one way links the most, and these are easier to get anyway. Most of the emails you send out requesting reciprocal links will end up being ignored. Save your link building efforts for those techniques that are going to give you high value one way links.


Source by Marc Ilgen