How To Lose Weight During The Holidays

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Holidays and special events are full of great things to eat, but those great things to eat sometimes aren’t the same things that help you lose or maintain weight. It’s that age old question for all weight conscious people. How am I going to get through this next holiday without gaining weight?

Take a breath, and I don’t mean so you can get your belly into the waist of your pants! You can get through the next big day without putting on those extra pounds if you just make some easy but sensible decisions before the next big day arrives.

1.) On those holidays where candy is a major focus of the day, buy or make your own stash of sugar free candy in advance. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy the day as everyone else without feeling deprived. Be careful not to eat too much sugar free candy at one time though. Some sugar free ingredients can cause gas, bloating, or diarrhea when eaten in excess. (I look at that as a natural reminder to eat everything in moderation.)

2.) When you are invited to someone’s house for a holiday meal, offer to bring a dessert to help your hostess out or at least to have in addition to the dessert your hostess is planning. There are so many simply wonderful low carb, sugar free, or natural fruit dessert recipes around that it is easy to find a dessert you can take that will be tasty to everyone while making sure you have something special but workable in your own diet.

3.) Be proactive in your holiday party and dinner planning. Instead of hoping some good cook (who makes really good but really fattening meals, scalloped potatoes, and chocolate chip pie) invites you to their house, invite them to yours! There are healthy and low carb versions of virtually all traditional holiday foods. It’s easy to plan an entire special meal that will help you maintain and even lose weight.

4.) If you don’t normally keep a diary of everything you eat, starting a food diary a week or so before a prolonged holiday period could help you get through the time with amazing success. Even if you only commit to keeping a food diary until a time shortly after the holiday, (set a stop date in advance) having that tool can give you motivation and determination during those hard days. No one likes to tell their dairy they ate an entire pineapple upside down cake.

5.) Deal with the stresses of the special day or special event BEFORE they arise. Start walking regularly before you get into stressful days. Take daily vitamin and mineral supplements to keep your body running more efficiently even though you’re running around all over the place. Be committed to allowing any sense of humor you have to come out at the most stressful of times.

Getting through a holiday or special event is not going to be a piece of cake. (No pun intended.) However, if you are realistic about the hard choices but forgiving of the bad choices, you can head off any larger possible bad effects of the big day.


Source by Chris Stevens