How to Use a Garden Hoe Properly

Garden Hoes
Garden Hoes

How to Use a Garden Hoe Properly

Garden hoes are quite essential in that they make sure the task of planting new saplings and small trees happens without any problems. They make sure the soil you’re about to use is weed free and neat. They lightly loosen up the soil, making the conditions perfect to plant the sapling which you have as your goal. You’d think a spade or a shovel could do the job just as effectively and efficiently, but garden hoes are made for this purpose in mind and do the job in a much better way.

How Garden Hoes Work

Garden hoes have blades which are bent at an 80-degree angle to the handle. This makes pulling the hoe repeatedly to level large amounts of soil much easier. A spade would perhaps be on par with a hoe, but due to its small size, it would take a much longer period. On the other hand, a shovel wouldn’t be fit for the task due to its shape. You’d have to constantly hold it in a manner which would put too much stress on your back and may even cause backaches.

The process would be highly inefficient with a shovel, because it’s nearly impossible to perform a pulling motion with one, and trying to scoop up the soil as you would with a spade would result in too much soil being shifted needlessly. A hoe requires minimal effort and time for the job to be done. A simple pulling motion makes sure that all the small weeds are removed with accuracy. Make sure you’re careful when using the hoe around important plants as their roots may also be damaged because of it. You’ll have to avoid going near the plant’s stem and surrounding areas. It is recommended that you weed the areas around important plants manually to minimize the chances of accidental damage.

How to Use a Garden Hoe

  • First off, make sure your tool is nice and clean before and after you’re done using it. This helps it mitigate the risk of rusting and expiring.
  • Make sure the hoe you’re using is about your height. This size makes it compatible and much easier to use. Different sizes can be difficult to adjust to, and make the process uncomfortable and can tire you out easily.
  • Hold the hoe like you would hold a broom or a rake. This makes for an efficient hoeing session that requires the least amount of time.
  • Let the hoe dig a few centimetres into the earth, and then pull it towards you similar to when you pull the rake towards yourself.
  • Don’t bother pushing the hoe too deep into the ground. Just make sure it’s at a level where the roots of the weeds are. The primary focus here is to get rid of the weeds. The soil will automatically become suitable for planting new saplings once the process is complete.

It shouldn’t take too long to hoe a small piece of your garden and will generate amazing results if you use it correctly.