In a Hunch About Lunch?



The Energy Project is launching a campaign called Take Back Your Lunch where they are encouraging employees to schedule lunch outside the office at least once a week during the summer – Wednesdays.

This initiative is being tossed out there because in the last decade more people are eating at their desks or skipping their lunch hour totally. Caused by salary cuts, fears, insecurities, or the desire to look-like-you-are-so-important-that-you-have-to-work through-lunch, this trend is not healthy. Forgoing a lunchtime break is leading to obesity, burnout, less comradeship and sticky computer keyboards.

Regardless if you are an employee, top executive or entrepreneur, begin to embrace the concept that a break for lunch can lead to better health, less stress, more creativity and productivity. Dump this new status symbol of efficiency and “get up and get out for lunch” by following these strategies:

Change your perception: You may think that time away from your work to eat is a disruption in your day; or perhaps you are caught in the trap of showing your commitment to your work by sitting at your desk, sandwich in hand, as you continue to delve through all of the work you still need to complete. Stop it! Begin to think of taking a lunch break as a much needed diversion from your job or project. Imagine how refreshed and recharged you will feel upon returning.

Start small: Okay, I understand that for some of you eating at your desk is going to be a hard habit to break. Take one step at a time and start small by committing to get away from your work and eat lunch one day a week. I know you can do this.

Run errands: Use your lunch break to be productive in other ways. Go to the bank, check out the library or pick up food for dinner. This is a great way to disengage from your desk.

Network: Schedule lunch with a colleague or potential client. This is a perfect time to make connections, socialize and exchange ideas. Join a group that meets over lunchtime.

Eat healthy: Choose foods that are low fat, fresh and healthy. This eating plan will energize you instead of causing the afternoon sugar lows.

Move: Get away from your workspace and get revitalized by movement. Go outside for a quick walk or do a quick work-out at a nearby gym. Finish up with a light healthy bag lunch and feel more energized and strong.

Expand your mind: Take a mini vacation from phones, computer screens and people by leaving your desk and reading a good book or article – you won’t want to return. But when you do you will feel more resourceful and productive.

You can put an end to the bad habit of ignoring the benefits of a healthy stop for lunch. Get up and get out and see what unfolds!


Source by Jeanette Eleff