Inexpensive Romantic Ideas

Inexpensive Romantic Ideas
Inexpensive Romantic Ideas

Inexpensive Romantic Ideas

If you’re searching for inexpensive romantic ideas to surprise your loved one, look no further.

Here you’ll find a great collection of creative, meaningful and cheap romantic gift ideas. With these unique and thoughtful cheap romantic ideas you don’t need a lot of money to amaze your partner.

Take your time to go through these categorized ideas below, and choose the most romantic tips to impress your loved one!

Inexpensive Romantic Ideas – Simple Cheap Romantic Gift Ideas

  1. Send romantic text, SMS or e-mail messages to brighten up each other’s day.
  2. Write down lots of romantic movie ideas on pieces of paper and choose randomly to see one of them in the evening. Prepare some desserts, cuddle on the sofa and let the fun begin! 🙂
  3. Offer to do your partner’s part of the housekeeping and decorate the house or bedroom as a surprise.
  4. Give him/her a sensual massage while s/he’s taking a tub of warm water and listening to his/her favorite romantic songs.
  5. Create a decorative photo memory book about your relationship. Use quotes and poems to add some variety and more romance to the pages and photos.
  6. Create a “love crossword” for your partner, where the solution is his/her name, or I Love You etc…
  7. Create an origami box and fill it with a bunch of love notes, messages, quotes, poems etc…
  8. Prepare fortune cookies for him and hide love notes or quotes inside them.

Meaningful Inexpensive Romantic Ideas

  1. Cut out tons of small pieces of paper and write as many love notes for your partner as you can possibly come up with. Write love quotes, sayings and reasons why you love him/her.
  2. Write a touching poem or love letter (or your own profound quote about love) and hide it somewhere where you know you’ll sweetheart will find it.
  3. Creating a web page for your loved one is absolutely free and easy. Upload photos and videos of the two of you and decorate it as you want! Then just simply give the URL (link) to your partner and look for his/her reaction. 🙂
  4. Get up early in the morning, prepare pancakes and cookies and give your partner breakfast in bed. Bonus tip: Make the pancakes heart shaped to make it more meaningful and sweeter. 🙂
  5. Write romantic lyrics together, then search the net for free music software and try to create your own romantic song.
  6. Write a romantic novel about your relationship. Start from the beginning: when, where and how you met, what were your first thought about him/her, was it “love at first sight” or not etc…
  7. Prepare a warm (rose petal) bath by the time your loved one gets home from work, and give them a relaxing massage.
  8. Decorate the bathroom with flowers and candles and take a bath together in the evening.
  9. Write a long list of reasons why you love your partner and give it to them as a gift. I’m sure you can make them pretty happy with this nice romantic gesture.
  10. Turn off the lights in the kitchen, and place candles on the table in a way that it spells “I Love You -your partner’s name-“. This is one of the most creative romantic gift ideas that you’ll ever find on the net. 🙂
  11. Try to write together a romantic novel about your first dates. If you find it too hard you can ask for help on the net on appropriate forums.

If you’d like to, you can take a couple of minutes to tell us about the most romantic gifts of your life in the comments bellow!