Is Sushi a Good Lunch?

Is Sushi a Good Lunch?


Almost every day we eat lunch, and almost everyday people forget that sushi is a great escape from the mundane sandwiches that we always eat. The default selection for lunch over the years has skewed towards cheap, fast, and generally unhealthy options whenever we forget our meals at home, but the truth of the matter is that sushi is a great option for any.

The reason that people never think of sushi as a lunch option is because there is not generally the same exposure to sushi as there are for other lunch alternatives. Everyone has seen burger commercials since they were little children, and the peanut butter and jelly sandwich has been ingrained into our minds since we were old enough to chew bread. So now with the world wondering about cleaner eating and healthier options it is time for sushi to take center stage and become one of the options that people think about when their stomachs are growling and loud.

Sushi, like all other lunches, really comes in two options. the first is DIY, do it yourself, versions where you make it at home; with the second option being just like a burger place where you go and order your sushi and someone makes it for you. Both options are great and the best thing to do is to try getting someone to make you some sushi, see if you like it, and then go from there. If you find there are certain types of sushi you are liking, you can then try to figure out the ingredients and make the rolls on your own at home. If you find that you are drawn to sashimi, which is raw fish sliced thinly and served on its own, then you just have to locate a fish monger that will provide you with sushi grade fish. Once you have the fish all you need to do is to take it home and cut it into slices that you want to take for your lunch.

The great thing about eating sushi is that it is generally a pretty light lunch when you stick to the traditional sushi offerings. You can have several pieces of sashimi with a roll or two and be fully fueled for the rest of the day, without the sluggish feelings that usually come after eating a couple cheeseburgers. You won’t be slowed down after eating as sushi is generally easy to digest and provides pretty quick fuel for your body and mind.

So next time you are thinking about getting something for lunch, or making your lunch for the next day, try to give sushi a second though. It might turn out to be your favorite lunch of the week.


Source by Jeff Z Anderson