Is Your Zen Lifestyle Green?

Never Put Your Life On Hold Waiting For Someone Else


There are a lot of ways on how to live a happy and peaceful life. Green zen lifestyle is just one of those ways. Anyway, what do we mean by “green zen”? It is about living in simplicity and earth-friendly ways to clear one’s life from all negativity and chaos. Nowadays, stress from all the things that occupies our daily lives is inevitable. And in order to stay focus and to achieve peace and happiness, one must know how to handle the complexity of life. Green zen living is a great way to keep everything in order without compromising our environment.

Where to start green zen living? Self. As the elders always say, everything starts from oneself. It starts in one’s mind, body and spirit. How can you say you are living a green lifestyle if you are the first one polluting yourself, particularly your body? If you are polluting your body, most likely you are polluting your environment. Always ask this question, “Am I polluting myself if I do this?”

Second, take into consideration your very own home. How are you living inside your house? There are always alternatives in order to apply green living. For example, the products you use at home. Instead of using products with harmful chemicals, you can always switch to natural or organic products. Another is, consider having your own garden at home.

Lastly, in your work, which is another aspect of your busy life wherein you could inculcate green zen living. You’ll be more productive if you are able to achieve green zen even in your office. Not just literally in your workplace but also in your traits of handling problems at work.

However, achieving a this lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight nor can be learned just from reading articles and books. It is best done through making it as your habit and should be develop everyday. For other information on how you can apply green zen living, check what green energy can make a difference in your life and in your community.


Source by F. Reyes