Japanese Kare No Karage And Saba No Shioyaki Recipes

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Here is my favorite Japanese fish recipes, kare no karage and saba no shioyaki. “Kare no karage” loosely means “fried flat fish”. “Saba” means mackerel, “shio” means salt and “yaki” means grilled. I love eating sea foods especially fish but I prefer them grilled or fried.

There is a “ryokan” (an establishment that serves food and lodging for travelers) that we stayed when we went snow boarding that serves good sea foods. There are ryokans that serves specialties of the region and the place that we stayed was one of them. During dinner I ate two large “kare no karage” and a big slice of “saba no shioyaki” together with a big bowl of rice. I should have tried the other sea foods but I was too full to take more.

When we arrived home I went to the grocery to buy some kare and saba and had the same dinner again. Thanks to the recipe that I had that I was able to prepare the dishes without problems. We ate the same kind of food in two consecutive nights and nobody complained. Probably we were too much addicted to these dishes that we can eat them everyday and since now that I am writing this, I think I will be giving the grocery a quick visit this afternoon.

Here are the recipes, I hope you try and enjoy them.

Kare No Karage (Fried Flat Fish) Recipe (good for two)


– Cooking oil

– Two kare fish

– Salt and pepper

– Sliced sudachi or sliced lemon

– 1/4 grated daikon (radish)


– 200 ml. dashi jiru

– Three tablespoon soy sauce

– Three tablespoons of mirin


– Clean fish, remove intestines and other internal organs, remove side fins, cut a straight slit using a knife just under the head to the tail

– Sprinkle flour on fish. Make sure that the fish is covered with flour evenly. Remove the excess flour by gently slapping the fish on your hands.

– Add cooking oil to frying pan and heat to 170 degrees centigrade and cook until brown.


– Put dashi jiru, soy sauce and mirin in a small pot and boil.

– Put the fish on a rectangular plate and put the daikon oroshi on the side together with the sudachi or lemon.

If you don’t like to make the sauce, you can eat kare fish with soy sauce or just by simply sprinkling salt over the fried fish.

Saba no shioyaki Recipe (for two)


– Two saba (mackerel)

– 1/4 grated daikon

– Two tablespoons soy sauce

– Salt


– Clean fish and remove intestines, cut in half, dry with paper towels

– Season by salting them with salt melted in cold water

– Roast fish until light brown in color.

– Place each piece in an individual plate.

– Squeeze daikon juice over the fish.

Goes well with white rice and some salad.


Source by James A Bruce