Keep your patio and driveway clean

Patio and driveway
Patio and driveway

Never underestimate the importance of keeping your patio and driveway clean.

Driveways and patios are an integral part of your garden. A well maintained driveway and patio are as essential as a clipped and sculptured garden hedge or a nicely trimmed green lawn. The onset of time, weathering, dirt and rain will cause the paving stones to fade and support the growth of unsightly weeds and moss. For these reasons you should never underestimate the importance of keeping your patio and driveway clean.

A patio or a driveway are huge financial investments. Would you buy a car and leave it unwashed and unmaintained? A well installed patio or driveway will cost as much, or more, than a new car and as such needs to be maintained. For this reason many people are using a patio and driveway cleaning service to ensure their investment remains in good condition.

What are the benefits to keeping your patio and driveway clean?

Looks like new.
Once cleaned and sealed your patio or driveway will look as good as when they were first laid.

Weeds are gone!
Paving and stones will lay wet and dirt will accumulate in the paving cracks. All of which will support the growth of weeds and moss.

No danger of slipping.
Moss and algae can form on the stones and create a danger to sound footing. Cleaning and sealing will remove the film of growth atop of the stones and render them safe to walk on.

Add value to your house.
Once cleaned and consistently maintained your patio and driveway will look as good as new and as such will support the house value is in keeping with market expectations.

Neighbours are jealous!
Once your driveway or patio is looking good you can be sure your neighbours will want to know how you did it!

Protect your investment.
A professional clean and sealing service will preserve your patio and driveway for two years. You would not buy any expensive products and not maintain or service them so why start with your patio and driveway?

So what does a patio and driveway cleaning service do?

A professional cleaning service will treat your patio and driveway correctly. Following a clean with a pressure washer, using only cleaning solutions approved by the manufacturers, the paving will be sealed evenly and with an approved sealant to protect the paving for two years.

Can I DIY with a pressure washer?

The use of the pressure washer and the pressure applied to the paving can damage the surface of the stones. Should this occur it is unlikely the manufacturer or installer will honour a warranty if the paving has not been cleaned professionally. It is common to see paving stones cracked, splintered and the jointing cement eroded by misuse of a pressure washer.