Life Is Great Sailing The Seas On Your Chartered Yacht!

Life Is Great Sailing The Seas On Your Chartered Yacht!


Whether a novice sailor or salty seaman, you can enjoy visiting romantic locales, tropical climates, historic settings, and fascinating people the World over – by chartering and, if desired, by sailing your own private yacht.

Regardless of seafaring experience, you can charter a private yacht and enjoy the vacation of your life. If you want to sail yourself, all it takes is a basic understanding of seamanship, handling a boat, and navigation. These skills are quick and easy to learn – much like driving an automobile – and most charter companies will make arrangements for you to receive outstanding training and certifications, as required. Always keep in mind, though, more complicated, dangerous, or closed destinations require more experience – and these will be pointed out.

Please recognize upfront that formal certifications are not required for most regions. And again, you can complete your “seamanship training” and even submit your qualifications on-line. These data detail your skill level when applying to charter a yacht, and identify the size of boat you are qualified to sail. Additionally, they outline locales that are appropriate for your level of experience.

Now that you have your “sea legs,” you are ready to book your sailing vacation. Once again, your charter agency will ensure you are completely familiar and comfortable with your yacht before pulling away from the dock. You will be given a thorough briefing on your yacht – as well as equipment and supplies already on-board – and a detailed chart that describes your cruising area. In addition, most charter agencies provide a seasoned captain as a hands-on sailing instructor who will give you several hours of pre-departure training on your first day of charter.

Even if you would rather not captain the vessel yourself, there are many ways of experiencing and enjoying your own private yacht – whether a “newbie” or experienced sailor needing a refresher. For example, you can hire a captain or full crew. Most charter agencies offer experienced captains with unlimited sailing expertise and a wealth of local knowledge that ensure you make the most of your chosen sailing destination and your yacht.

Regardless of your choice, you will find every hour in your perfect paradise is yours to enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and relaxing at your own unhurried pace. Take in the sights and beautiful surroundings. And, sample the local cuisine. After all, it’s your life, your time, your yacht, and your dream. Enjoy them to the fullest with your private charter. Bon Voyage!


Source by Leighton McCormick