Looking after your body is as easy as gardening

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Looking after your body is as easy as gardening

There are countless opportunities for us to focus on weight loss, and they don’t have to involve regular gym membership payments. There are many of us who dedicate our free-time to attending group classes at our local leisure centre or participating in sporting activities that see us pull out of our daily routines, but losing weight and having a more focussed weight loss regime doesn’t require us to part with our pennies. It can be as easy as stepping out into the backyard for a light bit of gardening.

Our lifestyles are dictated by what is currently trending and whether it is accessible within our daily routines, and gardening falls into that category.

Whether you lead an active or sedentary lifestyle, having access to gardening can help ease off those extra pounds.

Following a focused weight loss programme can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Gardening is an alternative approach to weight loss and with regular trips to your backyard, losing weight will feel like second nature.

Spending an average of an hour in your garden on a regular basis, actively caring for the surroundings can be a progressive way of shifting the last of those awkward pounds. Those hours spent in the garden can not only prove to do well for your health and wellbeing but can help burn calories faster than sticking to a dedicated workout routine.

Whether you are looking to burn calories at a faster rate, or you want to divulge your body into a toning session, then gardening in the answer.

Actively spending around 30 minutes on weeding and digging can burn between 105 – 250 calories. This approach to focussed weight loss is an alternative that many of us can be onboard with, but if you prefer to take a more relaxed approach to gardening, mowing the lawn and raking leaves can burn between 100 – 195 calories. You don’t have to sweat it to lose weight, weight loss should be an enjoyable journey, if gardening is a hobby you find yourself regularly participating in, then incorporate it into your weight loss plan.

Gardening doesn’t just have to involve weight loss but can help you shape and tone your body to your desired look. You can work out in a packed and overheated leisure centre, or take the alternate route and work alongside your garden.

There is an abundance of gardening tools that can act as small aids in your weight loss journey. You don’t need to kit out an entire tool shed, but you may find that hedge trimmers and lawn mowers can help define your biceps through regular use. Gardening also involves regular digging and squatting intervals which can be used to tone the lower part of your body.

You may also find that spending more time outside, can help you pursue a healthier and active lifestyle through not only helping you lose weight but also improving your mental health and wellbeing.

They say that ‘a little fresh air never hurt anyone’, and it is a statement that you can use to look after your body.