Low Calorie, No Carb Drink

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You wear a sweater, scarf, and jacket to keep warm during the winter months. All bundled up, you tend to forget about the summer and baking in the sun in your polka dot bikini.

Throughout winter, you crave foods and drinks that comfort you. Stopping for a hot mocha coffee or chai tea on your way to work becomes a routine.

You may not notice putting on some extra pounds underneath all your layers, but a good way to cut calories, stay warm, and keep your body healthy is by drinking hot water with lemon.

Medical editor and researcher, Elena Mauceri, says, “One way to do a ‘mini-cleanse’ is to drink a cup of hot water in the morning with the juice of half of a fresh lemon squeezed into it. The sourness will help your liver and kidneys get rid of their toxins, making it easier to metabolize fat-and lose weight. It’s the perfect good morning drink for your digestive system.”

Lemon, a citrus fruit, is rich in calcium, magnesium and potassium. It also contains vitamin C and will build up your bones, rejuvenate your skin, help eliminate bloating and indigestion, as well as dispose of wastes in your body.

Instead of coffee or tea, start your day with a cup of hot water with lemon. Before slicing, roll the lemon around on a table so you can give it a good squeeze in your steamy water.

Stay warm with this low calorie (only 22 calories per lemon) and no carb drink. Begin the New Year with a fresh start – and a fresh squeeze of lemon in your hot water; you’ll detox your body and pave the way to keeping off those winter pounds.

By the time summer comes around, you’ll be ready to shed your layers.


Source by Anna Goldstein